How Much Money Does LostNUnbound Make?

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how much money does lostnunbound make

According to the website WikiHow, LostNUnbound makes an estimated $1.1 million a year. His YouTube channel is worth $483,000, and he publishes about three new videos every month.

According to his own website, he generates 240k video views a day, earning him around $270,000 a year. The question is, how much money does LostNUnbound make?

The social media personality gained popularity through his rants. He faced criticisms for paying his editors less than minimum wage.

YouTuber Anthony aka ‘Prince Prodigy’ has publicly claimed that he was paid negligible fees for his work. Several other YouTubers have had similar experiences with LostNUnbound.

Some of them even have complained that they have been waiting months to promote their channels.

It is unclear what type of work LostNUnbound has done, but he claims it was completed a long time ago. The video was taken down after accusations of plagiarism, but the channel still has videos showing people stealing his ideas.

In addition to his YouTube videos, he has not revealed any personal information. However, he is a Christian and is known to post Biblical quotes with his Internet posts.

As a result of this controversy, many YouTubers have reported similar experiences. While they earn large sums from YouTube, they have been disappointed by their lack of payment. The creators of these videos have been paying their staff less than minimum wage and have waited as long as six weeks to post the videos.

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As of June 2018, he had more than 1.69 million subscribers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

While many YouTubers report success on YouTube, others have had problems with LostNUnbound. Despite the large amount of money made from the platform, other YouTubers have been left disappointed by LostNUnbound, which delayed their promotions.

As a result, they have been forced to stop promoting their channels. This has reportedly affected their profits. In addition, this delay may have cost them potential subscribers.

LossNUnbound has received criticism for paying YouTube creators below their rates. He has also been accused of paying his editors below the minimum rates, which were deemed reasonable in the case of his video.

Furthermore, he also received criticism from other YouTubers who were unable to get their videos promoted. Therefore, it is unclear how much money does LostNUnbound make on YouTube.

There are numerous theories circulating on the internet, but they are all based on an estimation of the YouTuber’s earnings.


his high-profile position on YouTube, LostNUnbound has been the subject of a number of controversy. His shady practices include plagiarism. He has been accused of posting videos of his competitors’ work without permission, and he has also refused to promote other YouTubers’ content.

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Nevertheless, it is not known whether his content is original. Regardless of the allegations, his videos have received widespread exposure online.

Regardless of his controversial views, LostNUnbound has garnered a considerable following and a steady stream of viewers. He has uploaded more than 1.4 thousand videos on YouTube, accumulating a combined total of 559.8 million views.

The net worth of LostNUnbound depends on multiple factors, including his number of subscribers. While he earns a few hundred thousand dollars per month, his earnings are still low.

The social media personality is well-known for his rants and videos about Madden and NBA 2K. His YouTube channel is popular with 1.69 million subscribers.

Some of his videos have been deleted, and the creators of these videos have also criticized the YouTube channel. Nonetheless, his content is widely viewed and his followers are largely loyal. As a result, how much does LostNUnbound make?

The net worth of LostNUnbound is estimated at.1 million. The YouTube star has a net worth of.1 million. The content of the channel is mostly focused on basketball and Madden games. In addition to these two titles, he also publishes videos about his favorite TV shows and movies.

These videos have become very popular amongst the gaming community. As a result, how much does LostNUnbound make?

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