How Much Money Can Bloggers Earn

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If you are thinking about starting a blog, one of the first questions that might cross your mind is whether or not it can be profitable. After all, there’s no point in sitting down to write if the payoff won’t cover your expenses.

How Much Money Can Bloggers Earn

Although money isn’t *the* reason why we started blogging (that would be complete lack of work), it sure makes things easier. So I figured I’d share my thought process and also give some insights on how much money bloggers actually make.

I received an email from someone who wanted to know more about how much money bloggers make since he had just started his own blog and wondered where this could possibly lead him.

This question was interesting enough to me that it prompted me to sit down and try to figure out my own numbers. It’s a pretty rough guess since I don’t have all of the information that would be needed for an accurate calculation, however, I think this approach is still valuable and you might want to try it out yourself.

To begin with, let’s assume that at some point in the future your blog will become so popular that you’d be able to charge $1 per visit.

This can never happen unless your blog has a certain degree of applicability to the masses (for example if you’re writing about Apple products you’ll never make $100 from covering their latest announcements).

However, there are other forms of income besides advertising (e.g., affiliate schemes) which could make your blog a lot more profitable. So this $1 per visit figure is only meant as a reference point.

How much time is required to get this level of traffic?

To get any good traffic you’d pretty much have to be writing in order to attract readers, members, whatever they are called on the specific platform that you’re blogging on.

In other words, if you aren’t putting out content then no one will be seeing it and making an effort to return for more. The question is how many people are needed before your site becomes really popular enough for advertisers to take notice and want to pay for space there?

Let’s look at some quick numbers:

If 10,000 visitors read your post about something useful, relevant, or interesting, then on average only 1 in 10 will click through to your ads link. If that happens 100 times per month you’ll earn $100 which is exactly what you hoped for when starting the blog, except

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people might say that it’s not much money

So let’s take another example: if only 5 out of 10,000 visitors clicked through to your Ads link then it’d take 5 months just to make the same amount as before (since there are 12*5 = 60 months in five years).

But wait! This means that one has to write a whole lot of posts first (unless they have a huge following already), since most bloggers don’t get any meaningful traffic on their first post. So this time we’ll double the amount of visitors to 20,000.

The next question is how long it would take before you see any significant traffic, so that advertisers start paying attention to your blog. I tried Googling around for some numbers but could only find estimates and nothing more solid than, “your first 1000 readers will be the toughest”.

In other words, there’s no way to know in advance when you’ll get a surge of new readers. So let’s just say that you’re lucky enough one day to start seeing 100 hits on your newest post in the first few hours after publishing it (this actually happened once).

Then this will mean that on average only 1 out of 100 visitors will click through to an ads (you might think this is low but it’s reasonably high).

If that happens 100 times per month than you’d make $100 in only 1 month, right? But wait! Sadly there are 30 days in a month. So this would imply that after 3 months your blog will be making an insignificant amount of money from advertising (plus you might already have moved on to another project by then).

I hope you enjoyed these little examples and as I said before my guess is that all of this is about right for the average blogger with a Medium-size following (say: 1000+ readers/day) and who has been blogging for 6+ months.

To make more than just peanuts from ads one needs an audience larger than 10k daily visitors, but increasing the size of the reader base makes it harder to stand out from the crowd (which is why many bloggers go crazy trying to get more page views).

But never give up! There are still other forms of income.

You might be able to charge $1 per visit from Advertiser for your blog’s main page but this won’t work if you’re a small site, so let’s say that you can come up with a way to deliver value at least 50 times per month instead of just once.

In other words, if I needed something answered right away and chose your blog as my source of information then I’d need you to provide me with answers on time, every time . So how much money would this bring in?

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Well if we assume that each answer has an average value of $25 (for example: whether it is a question about SEO, blog design or whatever) then your blog would be making $1250 per month.

But the real important point here is that this example assumes one answer for each visitor and since most bloggers won’t work like this because it takes too much time, we’ll instead take something in between.

By the way, this tutorial won’t just teach you how to get traffic and Make Money Online but will instead explain all the aspects of being a blogger (it’ll even explain how to start your own blog for free).

There are many sources which tell you where to find articles to write about, what to put in them and where to publish them, but nothing else covers the below topics:

How much time it takes before you start seeing meaningful results from your work;

How much money successful bloggers made last year;

How they keep getting richer every month by using different strategies too;

What tools they use for content creation, blogging & promotion on various social networks (you can also start with any tool suggested if you don’t have the budget for all of them); What are their goals and how do they plan on reaching them in the near future.

The reason for this is because there is very little information available about making money online as a blogger. There are plenty of gurus who promise to teach you how to make a fortune from your blog, but when it comes down to it they usually just encourage people to write more content so that Google will “love” their site even more and show it in search results more often.

These are by no means bad ideas if you like writing. But seriously guys: tell me one way (besides ads) which can bring any amount of money into my bank account without me having to spend hours per week working on my blog.

The point is that just like in any other business blogging won’t make you rich overnight, but if you’re willing to invest some time and effort into it then you should be able to become a full-time blogger at least on several months (or weeks for the best ones) which would provide you with enough money to either quit your job or simply enjoy life more while having a higher income than before.

The work required depends on various factors such as how much traffic your blog receives, what niche (topic) it covers and whether or not there are many competitors in this niche. Remember though: one can only get paid from Google AdSense if his site is unique enough.

So keep writing about whatever topics you want as long as they are unique .

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QnA :

So how do I decide what niche to cover?

Well, that’s a tough one as it pretty much depends on your experience. So for example if you already have a job and you don’t have any experience with blogging then writing about blog making would be a good idea because there aren’t many sources on this topic online.

This doesn’t mean that other bloggers won’t use the same ideas to make money from their blogs (if they ever heard of these ideas), but at least other people will see your site first in search results and then click through to read more. You might think that only someone who uses AdSense can get rich from blogging but this isn’t true.

Advertising revenue makes up around 50% of earnings of the top ten bloggers and it varies a lot from niche to niche. For example a person who writes about dog training might have less than 20% of revenue coming from ads so you’ll need to find some other ways to get money from visitors if you write about this topic.

Finally, even though not mentioned in this article before, another thing that could help keep your site unique enough so as not to be flagged by AdSense is content curation . It allows you to publish quite short posts (200+ words) by just linking out to popular articles on various sites (this will also improve your community building efforts).

So even if you’re good at writing then why limit yourself with one post per day when you can instead make it two?

How long does it take to make a blog and start seeing results from my work?

Well, this depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in while writing high-quality content. If you want to see your ads being displayed then you’ll need to write quality posts that are at least 500 words long so as not to get flagged by AdSense.

The thing is though: the longer your posts are the more useful information they will contain and the higher their chances of becoming viral which means that more readers will come back for more after reading one post from your site.

So if you have enough time available and don’t mind committing several hours per week into creating amazing posts that people will love then there’s no reason why taking months to see results from your work would be a problem.

How much money can I make with Google AdSense?

It depends on how much you’ll get paid per click and of course the amount of traffic that your site gets.

For example, people who use CPC ads mostly earn less than those using CPM as they need to pay for each person who sees their ad while the latter only pays when someone clicks on this ad to go visit another site (and remember: these are actual earnings for all the months spent working on a blog).

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So if we take an average amount per view in US dollars from various sources then it should be somewhere between $0.3-$0.5 which means that if your blog receives 100 views per day then you can earn from $30-$50 per month which isn’t bad at all.

How do I start making money with AdSense?

It’s pretty easy; you just need to signup for an AdSense account and then add some code to your website. At the time of writing this article there are three types of AdSense ads: text ads , display ads and mobile web ads .

You can pick whatever you like but keep in mind that most users won’t click on a text ad so these might not be worth it if you’re only concerned about making money online.

Display ads work well because they cover more space than text and people are often times curious because of their size too so they tend to generate more clicks, however, individual clicks will be less than when using text ads.

Mobile ads are similar to display ones but they look slightly different and you don’t need to have a mobile-specific version of your site in order to use them.

How do I make money from my blog?

One way is by placing Google AdSense ads on it but let’s not forget about the fact that most people won’t click on these ads so you’ll still need another source of revenue.

Affiliate marketing has been around for years; lots of affiliate programs exist online today so check out this list and see if there are some products or services that might sell well for you.

You can also start selling your own digital products such as eBooks, courses, cheat sheets etc., as this will allow you to earn more money while doing something that you’re an expert at.

How can I increase my blog’s traffic?

There are lots of ways to do it but since we have a limited space here we’ll talk about three:

1) guest blogging ,

2) social media and

3) community building .

Guest blogging is great for getting people from other sites to come visit yours; the same goes for your participation in social networks which basically give you the chance to sell your content through them because most users spend hours per week on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Community building provides not only a way for users to take part in discussions on various topics but also helps strengthen your business relationships with them by mainly talking about things they love (i.e. you’ll be helping other people while doing something they’re interested in).

How do I make money blogging?

There are lots of ways but these are the ones we mentioned earlier: Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and selling your own products/services .

Remember that it takes time to build up traffic so creating a blog from scratch won’t bring in any earnings for at least several months. Just use this free tool which will automatically update you with when it’s time to start making money!

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