How Long Does It Take To Write A Typical Blog Post?

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The online blogging is very popular these days. Increasing number of netizens are using the internet to read the news, information about topics that interest them, funny stories or useful things that they can use in their work or daily activities.

It is clear that blogging is becoming increasingly relevant in this dynamic world.

As a blogger I want you to understand the topic thoroughly before writing because it will be very hard for others to understand well if you are not thorough understanding about the subject.

You’ll have to practice accuracy in order to make your blog interesting, informative and credible.

If you really want people take your advice seriously then you must explain what you say clearly with information so everybody can understand it because not all people have the same knowledge.

How Long Does It Take To Write A Typical Blog Post?

It is important to write a blog post in an accurate way but it is even more important to write a blog post that is interesting and relevant enough for other people to read because blogging will not be successful if your writing doesn’t get attention from other bloggers or netizens.

You can improve this by putting key points in every heading so everybody can understand what you are going to talk about next.

It will help them decide whether they should continue reading or not.

Writing a blog post one day then delete without published can be frustrating, isn’t it?

Let’s check some tips on how long should you write before publish your article:

1. Try to useCT tools such as Yoast SEO and read your article.

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Then check what you can improve such as grammar, spelling, spaces and others that might need to be fixed;

2. Check if your post is informative enough or not;

3. Make sure your post is interesting – because only an interesting post will make the visitors want to keep reading until the end;

4. Keep in mind that it’s better to write a short content but very informative rather than having a long content with little information on it.

So people who are searching for information then they must know that they have to read some parts of the blog instead of reading everything.

Once you are finished writing everything then put them into publishing mode by saving draft before publish on your blog.


way you can double check every article before make them public.

Always remember that first impression is the best impression so if your blog post doesn’t look good enough then people will think that you just want to publish it quickly without consideration about its quality.

So always use tools, double check grammar and spelling, use sub-heading to separate one main topic into many topics because it will be easier for visitors to understand what you are writing about.

It is better to remember that if you write something then delete without publish then it means that you need a lot of improvement.

If people think the same thing about your blog post then they might not come back again in the future.

So, how long should I wait before I write or publish my article?

Well, it really depends from person to person because some people are good in writing but some other can take much time to make an article informative and inviting enough for others to read.

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It takes much time but blogging must be done carefully and seriously because it will help improve your life in many ways such as boosting your career, gaining more knowledge and by sharing the information that beneficial for other people.

With this end I want all bloggers to practice their article more carefully before publish it in order to get different result.

If they always work hard then blogging will become their most useful hobby in the future.

There are various factors that influence content writing time depending on several cases, but for me personally this is not a problem at all.

I’m sure you want your articles to be perfect, so taking time for editing processes is understandable.

Maybe closing your eyes and stop over thinking about how long you need to write articles can help? Or simply do what you love most!

So don’t lose hope if you can’t meet up with others’ deadlines because everything has its own time.

We just have to recognize the fact that each person has different skills and time management styles.

If you do your best, it’s enough! But if you really can’t make it on time, don’t hesitate to apologize to readers for the delay.

I think one of the most important things is not forgetting that writing can be hard work; however, after filtering out useless information (and ideas) filtering content becomes much easier.

So this is what I suggest: take a cup of coffee or tea before starting your writing process and drink a few sips every now and then to keep your mind fresh and focused on producing quality articles.

Also, always remember to ask yourself these questions: “What have I added to readers today?”, “How many new words have I written?”, “Are my sentences structured correctly?” etc. Believe me, doing this will speed up your writing process.

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My article took me around 3 hours to write because I wanted it to be the most informative one on the topic of how long you need to wait before publishing or even creating content for blog.

I didn’t want people think that my post was not good enough so I tried my best to make it perfect regarding grammar, spelling and punctuation marks.

This is why double checking every paragraph before publishing is extremely important in blogging business.

It’s better to take time than carelessly distorting information which leads to making worst decisions in future!

So if you are wondering how long should you spend on writing an article then probably 2 days but it depends from person to person and their opportunity.

Maybe you need 1 day or 3 days to write an article and it is completely fine because your effort will affect your final result so be patient and wait for the right time when inspiration comes to you!

What is the difference between writing an article, creating content or re-writing another blogger’s text?

There are four types of articles:


copy someone else’s content (articles, press releases etc.)


write using your own words; no ‘borrowing’ at all Authoritative –

2nd tier content

about a certain topic, written for search engines.


unique text for your audience

If I re-write the article, then it shouldn’t take me any more than 15 minutes to copy and paste his/her work.

But if I write an ‘authoritative’ or ‘outstanding’ article about that particular topic, it should take me between 1 hour or 8 hours depending on what type of information I need to find to answer questions my potential reader would ask.

Because of these differences, each type of content has its own ‘time limit’ when you should stop writing and publish your post.

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How long does it take to write a blog post?

  1. Re-write – 15 minutes
  2. Professional – up to 1 hour
  3. Authoritative – 8 hours or more
  4. Outstanding – can take days, weeks or even months!

Bottom Line :

There is a difference between publishing posts and creating content for the website.

If you want to create great contents on your blog, take your time and publish less posts per day, but with higher quality than quantity approach.

Don’t just write 100 articles about one topic in a month.

Write 10 articles that are truly outstanding and unique.

Also remember that re-writing works only if you add value to the original text .

Don’t just copy someone’s article. Add some information, make it easier to read and more stylish.

It doesn’t matter if you are blogging or writing an article for another blogger, don’t rush things up!

Create unique, value adding contents instead of common re-write posts.

Enjoy this process and take your time – it won’t take long until Google will start to rank your website higher than others you are competing with on the same topic.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

I hope that this small piece of writing will be helpful for those people who are trying to figure out how long they should wait before they start creating content.

Be aware that if your articles consist of low quality information, don’t expect too many likes, shares and comments from readers.

Don’t forget about editing process while writing essays because editing can make a big difference in your final outcomes!

So even if you take more time than others, always remember not to skip checking the punctuation marks, spelling mistakes and correctness of your sentences.

I hope that you won’t make any grammar or punctuation marks mistakes in future because it will be very embarrassing for you if readers notice them.

Thank you once again for reading my blog post!

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