How Does SpaceX Make Money

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What does SpaceX make money doing? Basically,SpaceX makes money from building innovative high-tech space exploration and communication technologies. SpaceX provides alternative solutions to military and government contractor programs for frequent commercial launches of small satellites into low Earth orbit. This is an enormous income generating source of SpaceX.

how does spacex make money

Currently SpaceX has only one launch scheduled for next year. That launch will be the Bulgaria telecomsat BulgariaSat-1. That mission is part of a test program to demonstrate the full capabilities of using an ATM machine in space. In the last decade, NASA has attempted to use such equipment in a space environment, but the equipment failed after only one try. That test failed because astronauts were not trained to operate such a system.

In the last ten years NASA has been trying to develop new ways to send astronauts to space. There are currently two different programs. One is the Exploration Technology (ET) and the other is the Space Based Solar Observatory (SBSO). Both of these programs will try to use existing technology with private company companies, such as satellite technology and launch vehicles, to send astronauts to and from space. How does spacex make money with these programs?

If we were to launch five satellites into orbit around the moon in the next five years, that will produce about thirteen million dollars worth of revenue for the company. That is less than the cost of one of the first crewed flights to the moon using the NASA Commercial Crew capsules. That means that the secondary business model for this company would be to launch one or two unmanned robotic exploratory missions to study the asteroid before any human lunar exploratory mission could ever take place. And, if all goes well, we may discover more things about space, black holes and potentially planets outside our solar system in the process.

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In fact, many people inside NASA are upset with the current plans for NASA’s future exploration of space. They believe that these plans are overly focused on commercialism at the expense of national security. These people believe that if NASA is going to spend millions of dollars on research, they should get the results they are looking for and they shouldn’t have to rely on private space flight companies to do the work for them.

The current budget for NASA is about $2 billion a year, which is only about one-third of the total budget for the upcoming NASA program to send astronauts to the moon, which is known as the program, Space Launch System (SLS). So, how does spacex make money with the launch vehicles and the development of the SLS? It appears that part of the revenue will come from developing the first stage of the SLS for use by NASA within its Exploration Program. This first stage will be used for putting astronauts inside a simulated space environment and will be used primarily for robotic missions to the moon and eventually to an asteroid.


a company can develop this technology in house, they can build a factory in India for making the components for the first stage and then ship it off to NASA to use. Since many of the components for the first stage will be made in the United States or China they will save quite a bit of money doing this. How does spacex make money with the launching satellites? Well, the company is developing a small satellite that will go into orbit around the moon. Once there it will do its job, collect data, send back to Earth, and return to space.

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As far as how does spacex makes money with their satellite program, well it is too early to say. It is a little bit early to tell if the company will develop technology to allow anyone to go from one planet to another, but they are definitely looking into the possibility. One day, perhaps not too far in the future, we will have technology that will allow us to go to other planets. This means that we may become an important part of the human race and that we will have discovered outer space.

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