How Does It Happen When You Unblock Someone On Whatsapp?

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If you are looking for an answer to your question, what happens when you unblock someone on whatsapp? Then I am sure you must have faced this kind of situations in your daily life. Whenever you get a call from an unknown number or if your husband starts acting strangely on you then you think of ways to find out who owns that number. But what happens when you cannot do that?

what happens when you unblock someone on whatsapp

Before we discuss what happens when you unblock someone on whatsapp let’s define what an IM client is. IM stands for Internet Message Service. When you talk with someone through this service then you will be required to key in a specific keyword. And as soon as you hit send the IM service provider will deliver the message to the person whose name has been keyed in. You can also use different keywords as many as you like.

So, what happens when you message someone and he does not respond to you? You just think that there is a problem with your communication but actually the problem is not with the IM but with the person whose name you wrote in the search box while searching through the messaging system. In this case the name which was not blocked while searching will be shown as the sender of the message. So you are blocked from reading the message. Blocked because it is you who owns the phone number not the phone company.

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Blocking someone is very easy. All you have to do is send the message and click on the blocked option from the user interface. It is very easy indeed.

What happens when you unblock someone on whatsapp is this. Once you unblock the IM then you can send and receive messages from anyone with the help of an internet and what happens when you unblock someone is this. When you send a message using your whatsapp account no phone numbers are shown. It is the id of the person whom you are sending it to or the contact information. But you can still send a message to them if the id and the contact information are available. If they are available then your message will be delivered.

So, when you are not in an internet connectivity then whatsapp is one of the best free messaging systems that you can use. There are other free IM services that you can avail of. But if you want to block someone from your address book then you need to go through the blocking procedure. You will have to visit the application and follow the instructions provided.


blocking procedure basically depends on the type of your IM. If you are on a text based messaging system then blocking requires that you send a message to yourself instead of sending it to another person. But if you use the web based system then blocking can be done by a simple click of a button. But as soon as you enter the blocked phone number, a verification code will be sent to your phone and it will allow you to continue using the mobile phone.

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The next step is to find the contact details of the person you were trying to block. If they still show up in the contact information then you can proceed to other ways of blocking them. So, what happens when you unblock someone on whatsapp? You get peace of mind!

To avoid getting annoyed with people you were blocking on whatsapp, you can use the ‘block by IP’ option while you are on the messaging system. This is a new feature of whatsapp which has received a high rating by users. So, now people with IP blocking enabled on their account can easily block any user from contacting them or their friend.

As an additional security feature, whatsapp now has the ability to hide your details, making it impossible for someone to locate you. All messages sent and received on the whatsapp service are encrypted. The encryption process ensures that your message is protected even while you are not online. The system also encrypts all files that are sent and received on the system, ensuring that no one can get your personal data.

So, if you want to know how does it happen when you unblock someone on whatsapp, remember to use the advanced feature of the messaging system. Also, don’t forget to back up the data you are trying to access. In the event of a problem, you will be able to retrieve it. Now, that you understand what happens when you unblock someone on whatsapp, go ahead and try it out. You will surely be amazed at the new found freedom that you have.

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