How Does Imgur Make Money?

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how does imgur make money

How does Imgur make money? What is this image hosting site all about? Why is it gaining popularity amongst the budding internet marketers? There are so many questions that would probably pop up in your mind right about now. Fortunately, we have compiled all the answers to them for you below.

One of the most common questions that arises is “How does Imgur make money?” The answer is very simple it is an internet site where one can upload images and other files using an uploaded web page. All you need to do is login and upload your images or other files. Once you have done so, you can start uploading pictures. You can upload as many pictures as you want but the more the better. This simple way of using the site can help you get accustomed to the way uploading works.

Another question that comes to everyone’s mind is “What is Picasa and how does it work? “. Picasa is a free service provided by Google. With this, internet marketers can use their websites to display their products and services. They also offer the option of selling ad space to affiliates.

The third question that comes to everyone’s mind is “What is the difference between my Imgur album and Picasa album? Is there any other difference at all?” Actually no other difference at all! All the two sites have the same purpose: to provide internet users with access to photo albums on the internet.

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As already mentioned above, the feature that separates Imgur from Picasa is that it offers much more than just photo albums. Some of the cool features that the latter website doesn’t have are the option of selling ad space, the ability to upload your own digital photo collection or the option of having your online business associated with a number of images uploaded to the app. In short, you can have your online business associated with any image hosting site you want!

If you want to know how does imgur make money, you would need to look into its affiliate program. What the company essentially does is that it allows other websites to sell ad space on the side of your website as well as give visitors the option of purchasing ad space on their website if they so choose. Since every day people are uploading new photos on the internet, this is a very effective way of increasing traffic to your website. This also provides you with an opportunity to make money even when visitors aren’t clicking on the ads on your own site!


is hard to say whether Imgur will stay around as long as the rest of the social media platforms. As is evident by the fact that it was started just over a year ago, it has already established itself as a top image sharing site. However, it isn’t only the teenagers and Generation X that are using the site. Business professionals are discovering the power of Imgur and the fantastic opportunities it offers. For instance, it allows you to advertise for clients and place Google AdSense on your website. All this works to generate cash and helps you generate traffic to your website as well!

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It is clear to see that Imgur makes money off of its simplicity and the ease of use. It allows you to post as many awesome images as you’d like but you’re not limited to just posting images from your own computer. It also gives you the chance to sell your pictures and place Google AdSense on them. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about learning any html code whatsoever. Imgur truly is a wonderful new image hosting site that looks to become one of the must-have applications for everyone who owns an iPhone or iPod touch.

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