How Does Candy Crush Make Money?

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The question on everyone’s lips these days has to be, how does candy crush make money? After all, with the recent economic slump that the United States is experiencing, who needs an income from something that might lose value in a few months? Or worse, a few years down the line. Candy crush revenue streams are in fact a solid source of extra revenue for mobile gaming companies. In fact, the question shouldn’t even be as much about how does candy crush make money in the first place; instead, how can other mobile games make more money using it?

For starters, there are two ways in which one can monetize his or her in-app purchases: through advertisements and through payment processing. Both are great ways to generate revenue. However, some experts recommend using the former, less intrusive methods to ensure that more money can be made and that the revenue generated per user can support the expenses of developing the game. And, of course, in case you decide to sell your own product, then you need the in-app purchase to provide a platform for advertising.

In terms of an advertising revenue stream, it is highly recommended that one uses Google Play. Google Play allows users to sign up for free and create an in-app purchase account. As an added bonus, users also get to earn credits that they can then exchange for cash, gift cards and so much more.

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To make sure that your in-app purchases actually generate income, it is recommended that you check out apps that have been in the market for a while. Applers are well-accustomed to the fact that Google, the world’s most popular search engine, updates its offerings regularly. To maximize your earning potential, it is recommended that you sign up for multiple accounts with various appulators. In this way, you will have the chance to sample different Google play services and find out which among them works best.

How does candy crush make money? Once you have signed up for an account, you can choose which in-app products that you would like to promote. You can opt for candies, bags of chips or other similar items. You can even select one particular brand and create an in-game campaign based on that.

Making money through how does candy crush make money is not difficult. Once you have users downloading your application and making their purchases, you will immediately start earning money. The trick is to create an attractive and exciting in-app purchase experience for your users. In general, the more appealing an offer is, the more money you will make. Simply put, the key to a successful business is the ability to attract users into making purchases.

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Your in-app purchases will be converted into credits that you can later use to purchase the in-game items that your users have purchased. As you continue to make in-app purchases, your credit points will increase. Eventually, you can decide to cash in your points and get yourself a plushie or other useful item to reward your users for their purchases. The more popular your application gets, the more money you will make.


you are able to build a substantial number of users who regularly download your application, you can start asking them to do tasks such as signing up for your e-mail newsletter or opting in to your Facebook or MySpace accounts. These actions will help you build up your referral list, which will in turn help you sell more of your products. This is how does candy crush make money: by selling your own application and collecting the revenue from a third-party user who has paid for the same. You should keep in mind that not every application owner is likely to allow you to do this, so you may want to find other ways to generate revenue on your application.

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