How Do Credit Unions Make Money?

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How do credit unions earn profits and still keep up their regular operations? The answer lies in how they make their money. Credit unions are very similar to mutual banks in that they both pool resources together in order to provide financial services to their members. They both use the money they each collect from their members to make investments for the betterment of their members. But how do credit unions make money?

how do credit unions make money

The way credit unions make money is much different then most might think and it mostly comes down to what they do with the profits they receive. Most people think that the money a credit union makes comes from membership fees. This is true, but it isn’t the only way. In fact, a good majority of the profits that credit unions make are in the form of interest rates on loans that they extend.

It might not be the most popular thing you hear credit union officials talk about, but interest rate hikes are the single largest source of profit for most credit unions. The reason that interest rates on loans are charged so high by credit unions is because they have to give back a portion of the profit they make to their members. When a credit union member pays their membership fee, the credit union must now pay interest on that loan. This means that they will have to give back three quarters of their profit in order to cover the costs of extending the loan.

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Now, this may seem like the credit union is simply taking advantage of its members. However, this is actually a great benefit to you as well. Since credit unions have to pay so much in order to extend these loans, they have less money available for members to use. By having lower interest rates, though, you can save a lot of money every month as well as being able to use that money towards more important things.

How do credit unions make money by increasing the interest rates on loans? By making it more difficult and expensive for people to borrow money, they make their money back in the form of increased profits. One way that they make their money back is through charging higher rates to people who apply for loans. Therefore, the higher the interest rate you pay on your loan, the more money that the credit union makes.


might think that you would not be a target for a credit union when you are trying to get out of debt. However, many credit unions will go out of their way to get you to borrow from them. For example, a credit union could charge extremely high interest rates if you are trying to take out a mortgage from them. On top of this, many credit unions will also make it difficult for you to take advantage of loan consolidation, especially if your credit rating is not very good. A credit union can make you bankrupt by charging too high of an interest rate or by denying you the chance to consolidate your debts into one low payment.

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How do credit unions make money? Credit unions make their money in a variety of ways. They receive a portion of all the money that you borrow from them, which makes them money as well. In addition, they also make money off of the fees that you pay to them. When you are thinking about starting up a business or taking out a loan, talk with your credit union before you decide how much you want to borrow.

How do credit unions make money? By creating competition in the credit industry. By offering low interest rates and other great deals to borrowers, credit unions can make sure that everyone has extra money to put in their pockets. As you work to improve your credit, consider what your options are and how you can get the money you need.

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