How Did The Vanderbilt Family Make Their Investments In The Timber Industry?

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how did the vanderbilts make their money

The Vandavelts are an interesting case study of how money can be made through a business. These five members of the Vanderbilt family all started their own businesses in their mid-twenties. None of them ever went onto to buy big blocks of land and become a big player in the woodworking market. All they needed was the idea, some elbow grease, and the willingness to make it happen. In this article, we’ll look at how they made their money.

Richard and Alfred Vanderbilt started the Vandavelts, or more popularly, the Vanderbilt Woodworking Company, in any way they saw fit. Alfred served as the company’s president and Dick served as its vice president. The two men used their entrepreneurial instinct to create a successful company. By manufacturing quality wood furniture, the Vandavelts helped themselves to climb up the corporate ladder.

The brothers spent much of their early years working on large estates. To make more money, they went into the timber business. They had their own saw mills and construction companies. This allowed them to expand their holdings in a relatively short amount of time.

In the late nineteen fifties, the Vandavelts hired out some of their workers to build a big log mill for a farmer. This gave the family more time to focus on their other projects. As the wood mills started to boom, the Vanderbilt family had more free time than usual. They invested in other ventures, such as a chain of lumber warehouses. By this time, Dick and Alfred were making more money from their ventures than they ever did from working at their woodworking shops.

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The Vanderbilt family never lost sight of their dreams of owning a big log cabin on the mountains. Two of their sons moved to Montana and bought plots of land there. They named it Riverwood Ranch and built cabins there for the next ten years. By this time, the Vanderbilt clan had expanded to four.

When the world war broke out, both the brothers took off their hunting gear and left town. Although Dick never returned, Alfred and his brother, Joe, stayed and worked their timber business. There, they made a name for themselves in the timber industry. The war finally ended, but they carried on.

One day, a friend asked Alfred Vanderbilt if he and his brother could go on a hunting trip. They drove to a large logging camp, where they got their first taste of the real thing. It was then that the idea came to Vanderbilt’s mind: they would take all of the harvested timber and build an entire cabin on it. So they packed up their equipment and headed for the woods. Once they arrived, they knew they had found the opportunity of a lifetime. They knew they had found the path to prosperity.


the war ended, Dick and Alfred headed back to the family cabin. They needed a place to live, so they offered their services to a number of people, including their old friend. People liked the Vandersettis as they were very kind and cordial. Finally, they were hired by a man named Rexford Holloway. He needed workers, so he turned to the Vanderstilts and invited them. It was a wonderful beginning for the Vanderbilt family, and as they say, a turning point in their lives.

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The Vanderbilt family used their newly-found skills to help the country with their timber industry. They continued to build cabins and provide work to their countrymen. They also opened up a school, which taught students all of the skills they learned in the timber industry.

Today, The Vanderbilt family continues to contribute to the world, even through the passing of time. This is evident in their continued support of the International Youth Development Organization (IYDI), which is dedicated in providing resources to young people. Through this, they have sent thousands of children to places like Como, Costa Rica, and Zimbabwe. Through this venture, they have made children realize that they can make a difference in the world.

The Vanderbilt family has also provided support to other individual families throughout the years. For example, they financed the construction of the First American Motel in Pine Bluff, Mississippi. This would be the first motel constructed in the Black Gulf community. Another important aspect would be the food they serve. They have been serving high-quality meals for people from all walks of life for decades, which they were able to do because of their stable income.

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