How Did Scot Defrich Make Money?

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how did scott disick make his money

How did Scot Disick make his money? He does not talk about it in any detail, but one thing is certain – in this world of finance, there are a lot of people who can make a lot of money without even doing anything. The key was in how he chose the investments he made.

First off, his initial start up business was in the airline business. This is where a lot of people go wrong. You have to remember that there was a very severe recession in the airline industry and there were a lot of planes that were forced to be mothballed. So the airline industry was not only having a tough time making their airplanes run, but they were having a tough time making any profits at all. Scot then decided to make a little bit of money by buying up some stocks in CitiBank.

He did this because he thought that this was a business that had great potential. He also knew that it wasn’t likely that the business would ever really make much money, so he figured that it would be a good place to start. His capital consisted of a few hundred dollars and he bought fifty shares of stock for about five dollars each. This gave him about thirty five shares.

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So he decided to sell these stocks for three thousand dollars each. He figured that he would make enough money to pay for his rent and for food, so he figured that if he was going to make any kind of profit in this business, then he was going to have to buy as many shares as he could. The problem with his plan was that as time went by, he didn’t really sell all of his CitiBank stock. He found out that he actually owed nine thousand dollars on his mortgage. So how did scott disick make his money?

He went about trying to put this whole business into a trust. He figured that if people were to invest in a business like this, they would know that they were getting their money’s worth. So how did scott disick use his money to help finance his business? Well, he used it to buy more shares of the stock, which helped him keep his business going.


are two parts to the answer to how did scott disick make his money. First off, he used some of the stock that he bought from CitiBank. Then, he used part of the stock to purchase more CitiBank shares. The combination of these two investments helped him keep his business going.

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How did scott get to the point where he was in debt? Well, he took a vacation, had a lot of medical problems, and didn’t pay anyone back when they owed him money. Because of his financial situation, the bank eventually foreclosed on him and he was forced to sell. However, instead of just throwing in the towel and walking away, he decided to hold on to the stock. This allowed him to eventually purchase more CitiBank shares and he was soon back on his feet.

What does all this have to do with the stock market and how did scott do well? It all has to do with luck. This one little thing seemed to work for him time again. He didn’t know that he could build his fortune by investing in stocks. However, he figured out what worked for other people and started doing it. He is just one of many who have found the secret to making money in the stock market.

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