A Step-by-Step Guide to Hide an App on Android

Have you ever wanted to hide an app on your Android phone? Maybe you have an app that’s embarrassing, or one that might somehow get you in trouble if somebody happens to come across it.
Luckily, there are plenty of ways to hide apps on Android, and the process isn’t particularly difficult.
Here’s how to do it in three simple steps.

How to hide apps from the main screen

First, you need to find your app

The easiest way is to launch it and then press and hold your finger on its icon until a pop-up menu appears.
At that point, you can choose Hide (for preinstalled apps) or Uninstall (for downloaded apps).
Confirm your choice by selecting OK and boom!—the app will vanish from your main screen but still live in its own folder.
From there, you can view it anytime by tapping Apps > Hide/Unhide Apps > All Apps.
And if you want a little more control over which folder your apps hide in? Head into Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special Access > Hide System Apps.
That’s where you’ll be able to hide each individual app however you like, so they’re not all hiding together in one huge bin.
Either way, hide ‘em well enough and nobody will ever know they were there at all.
See? It’s simple when you know how! Now get out there and hide those apps already! Good luck.

How to hide apps in the app tray

First, tap Menu and then select Settings.
Then choose Apps and open your app drawer by tapping All apps.
Open up a list of all your apps, which will include icons for any third-party software you have installed.
If you want to hide a specific app from your app tray, long press that icon until it starts wiggling, then drag it into a folder or back into a subfolder.
For instance, let’s say I wanted to hide Adobe Reader.
I’d first navigate to its icon in my app drawer—typically found under my name in my personal apps—and hold down until it started moving around.
From there, I could either add it directly under another app’s icon (for example Adobe Photoshop) or drag its home screen entry into another folder.
Either way, it would no longer show up as an option in my app tray at the bottom of my home screen.
Alternatively, if you wish to hide multiple apps at once without having to open each one individually and drop them into folders or subfolders, tap and hold your desired programs until they start shaking; when they do shake, simply drag them together onto one another where they will disappear out of sight and automatically be placed inside a hidden folder.

How to hide apps using third party tools

We would never recommend that you go out and download one of these tools right away.
It’s much better if you think carefully about which apps you actually want to hide first.
Once you’ve decided, simply head into Google Play and search for hide app android.
A quick search reveals a number of popular third party tools, including HideIt Pro, Hide Pictures & Videos Pro, Safe Folder and Hide Apps & Photos among others.
In addition to hiding your private data, many of these tools also allow you to password protect your phone with a secret code.
This is particularly useful if other people have access to your device (like family members or co-workers).
Simply put, there are any number of reasons why you might want certain apps hidden from view—keep them in mind as you take care when it comes time to choose which apps deserve protection from prying eyes!

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