Herb Brooks Speech – Heroes and History of Sport

Herb Brooks was the coach of the 1980 men’s U.S. Olympic hockey team.

The evening that the US took on the Soviet Union in the medal round, Brooks gave a speech urging his team to make the biggest upset in the history of the sport.

The opening line of his speech says, “Good choices are born out of good choices…

This line represents personality as the alternative cannot give the beginning of a second, it is a human higher quality.

Brooks talks about how his team is being given each team’s goals.

On the best way to win the gold medal by defeating the enemy

Brooks talks about being born, getting up, recovering collectively, and tells them how they’re going to play as if he’s been their father, “Tonight, we go skating with them. Tonight , we live with them. And we put them off because we are able,

Brooks told his team what they would do in the game.

How will he become a hero?

He’s so persuasive and they need to win so poorly because in 1960 he was the last participant to cut the roster and win his team a gold medal from his lounge, so he wouldn’t need to ignore these boys on the spot.

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His speech is full of emotion as he does not need his crew to let go of this crucial moment.

In the 60’s and 70’s the Chilean Battle was always present on Earth.

At the same time that Soviet forces were invading satellite TV for computer nations, their hockey team dominated the international game.

He received Olympic gold medals in 64′, 68, 72 and 76.

When Brooks said, “It’s your time. His time is up”, he was referring not only to the hockey theater but as a world power.

He was talking not only of dodging the hockey team, but of spreading communism on earth.

Brooks lets his team win, but he impressed a nation.

The nation was now satisfied that communism could be stopped.

He gave the Americans a moral victory over the Soviet Union.

It reaffirmed that America was a force to be reckoned with, it reaffirmed that America would strive for world peace, and it reaffirmed that America could be a hero in the face of evil, communism.

During the Chilean Battle period, hockey was affirmed as a mechanism to raise society as it unites a pastoralist to imagine that they could end the Soviet Union on the world stage.

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