Google First Position Vs First Page In SEO – Must Know!

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Is it better to be on the first page of Google or on the first position on the first page?

The question which has been asked many times by SEOs and website owners.

Google First Position Vs First Page In SEO

The following article will show you that even though your answer may be different for you, this doesn’t influence your rankings in a negative manner and that there is no real motivation to play with these kinds of details.

To get the first position of google, you need to try your best for ranking better in search engine.

First 100 results vs First 10 results

It’s known fact that order of your website on Google does matter!

If you want to maintain your website shape and structure, it must be visible on top of Google search result page.

The more exposure it gets, the more traffic will generate towards site.

But there is one question here – how many times should you be present at top of Google?

Should I choose first page or first ten results? Let’s analyze both cases together.

1st page :

This means out of 1 million results 1000 belongs to you which is a good thing.

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The more you are in the first pages, better it is for your website!

In this case, you will have to work harder and smarter.

1st 10 results:

If in an event, your website found to be at top of Google within first 10 positions then both parties wins!

You have high ranking in search engine and best SEO practice has been followed across all links which includes links from social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit etc.,

  1. It’s easy to get on 1st page of Google, just by making a few clicks on search engine. But getting to first position needs more efforts and expertise.
  2. Getting first position is easy as compared to maintain it on first page which means staying there every time when new pages are added in Google index or new keywords come into picture that changes the order of results for better (which happens very often).

What is your choice?

Google has already said – “It all boils down to good content”.

If you have ever written blog post, article that has huge quantity and quality of information then it’s enough to be considered as quality content.


would like to mention here that first page of Google should be made using 100% white hat SEO techniques.

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I have seen websites ranking higher in positions 1-5 because they had more links than their competitors who were higher in positions 6-10.

It isn’t unusual that websites are ranking highest at position 1 instead of being indexed top down for example at positions 6-10 .

Regardless whether they are ranked lower or higher, none of them will be penalized by Google.

I have seen rankings at position 1 of the first 10 pages, so there is no need to worry about your competition having more or less links than you do.

You should not think too deeply about it and just keep on building quality backlinks pointing at your site for higher positions in Google!

Google doesn’t care whether we’re talking about highest positions it indexes for a specific search term.


In my opinion, Google switches between position parameter and first page parameter depending on the search queries which is very normal as it’s Google’s main goal to provide the best possible search results for every person querying a specific topic.

Forget about all these details and just build high quality backlinks pointing at your website as this is really what counts!

Do you have a different opinion? Then leave a comment below or write me an email!

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I hope the article could help you and please show your friends this message if they’re interested in SEO as well!

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