Free Fire Unlocked Game: Unlock All Free Fire Items

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If you want a free fire unlock game version of your normal free fire, you are in the right place.

Free Fire is the most famous battle royale game and growing rapidly.

However, due to fully locked in-game items, everyone wants the Free Fire unlocked game version, which can give players the ability to unlock all game items.

Today’s article will share some handy tricks to unlock all in-game items, such as emotes, elite passes, bundles, skins, and diamonds.

By using the method below, you can unlock your full Free Fire game and enjoy every single locked item of Garena Free Fire.

free fire unlock game trick

Let’s start today’s article.

In the latest version of Free Fire (Free Fire ob 28 update), each item is locked, and you have to unlock it by spending the required diamonds.

Without diamonds, you cannot enjoy premium game items such as Gun Skins, Parachute Skins, Bagback Skins and Glue Wall Skins.

So, you will need to use a method to get free diamonds, and then you can unlock your Free Fire game using the diamonds you get.

If you don’t know how to get diamonds in Free Fire to unlock the game, don’t worry.

We are here to help you.

It’s easy to collect Free Fire Diamonds to unlock the game.

You have to use the Diamonds code and redeem the code which you can get quickly from our Telegram channel.

You can join our telegram channel from below joining link.

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We also share daily updates and news of Free Fire games on our Telegram channel, so it’s worth joining.

Once you join our Telegram channel, you will get new redeem codes daily.

You can use them on your game’s redeem page and claim free rewards as well as you can also unlock Free Fire’s premium characters using the same codes.

Another effective method you can use to unlock the game is to join partner program of free fire game.

This program is for players who want to fully unlock Free Fire.

You can join this program from the official website of FF Partner Program, and after joining the program, you will get 10000 diamonds as joining reward, and by using these diamonds, you can get free fire game and all in-game Items can be unlocked.

what is free fire diamonds

Every Free Fire player knows about diamonds and the benefits of having them in Free Fire ID.

Diamonds are valuable currency in Free Fire and Garena’s primary income source.

One can use diamonds to unlock the game to the maximum level.

When the game is fully unlocked, it becomes easier to play.

The Free Fire unlock game offers the ability to choose from a variety of expressions, characters, and FF pets, which is only possible with the help of diamonds.

if you want to get Unlimited Diamonds in Free FireYou can download Free Fire Mod Apk, using which you can get huge amount of free diamonds, and using them you can unlock Free Fire game.

The link to download the mod app is given below.

Benefits of Diamonds –

  • Free spins in Luck Royal and Gold Royal events
  • Unlock all characters with their bundles
  • Unlock All Mythical Emotions
  • Buy Rare Bundle Crate, Gun Skin Loot Box and Elite Pass.
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These are all the primary uses of Free Fire Diamond.

However, you can also use them to participate in various Free Fire events and tournaments.

how to unlock garena free fire game

how to unlock garena free fire game You guys are excited to know how you can convert your regular Free Fire game into Free Fire Unlocked Game.

So the procedure to use the unlocked game is given below.

Follow every step to unlock your Free Fire game without facing any problem.

These steps will help you to unlock all free fire game items including diamonds, characters and skins.

Before following the steps, be sure to log out of your main Free Fire account and try it on your guest account to protect your primary account.

You can gift all collected items to your primary account after claiming them in the guest account.

Follow these steps to unlock your Free Fire game.

  • Uninstall your Free Fire game from your smartphone
  • Scroll down and download Free Fire Mod Apk with Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Turn on Unknown Sources and install this unlocked game apk on your phone
  • Now open this mod apk and click on guest account option.
  • You will get free unlimited diamonds after logging in with guest account
  • Go to the Store section, click on the Gift option and send all the items you want to unlock to your primary account.

Using this APK, it is straightforward to unlock the Free Fire game.

This method is already well known, and many Free Fire players use it to unlock their games every season.

free fire unlock game download

Download this mod app through the given link, and enjoy the fully unlocked game with all the characters, bundles and emotions.

In addition, you can also activate the unlimited HP and gold coins feature (a premium feature of Free Fire) using this APK for free.

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apk name Free Fire MOD APK
Shape 800 MB
Edition Garena Free Fire – New Age
device support Android 6.0 and above
Defense Ministry information Unlock Game Mod APK
Updates April 9, 2021

Download link of this unlocked game APK

What items will you find in this MOD APK?

In this mod apk, you will get unlimited gold coins and diamonds, which are needed to unlock the game.

You’ll also find all-rare bundles like Street, Bunny, and Hip-Hop.

The unique feature of this mod apk is that you can unlock all the weapons skins in just one click.

You can also access premium characters (DJ Alok and Chrono) for free.

Is this Free Fire Mod Apk safe to use?

This mod apk is safe to use, and many Free Fire players are already using it.

Also, this mod apk is not against Garena’s guidelines, so you can use it without any problem.

We have collected this mod apk from official sources.

But we do not recommend to use any other third-party mod apk.

Extra Game Unlock Tricks

If you don’t want to use a mod apk, here are some tips for you, which will surely help you to unlock important in-game items such as characters, expressions and bundles.

These tricks are for those players who want to unlock the game without using any APK.

1.Unlock Characters

unlock characters Characters play an important role in the Free Fire game.

If you want to unlock all the characters in Free Fire game, you can play rank mode and clash squad matches as these matches will allow you to earn gold coins.

Once you’ve earned 8000 gold coins, you can go to the store section and exchange these gold coins with average free-fire characters such as Art and Joseph.

2.Unlock the Emotions

unlock feelings Expressions are a part of communication in free fire.

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Also, emotions are helpful in trolling friends.

If you want to unlock some occasional discounts, you can click on the Elite Pass option available on the main page of Free Fire and click on the Claim Rewards button to get free offers for the current season.

3.Unlock Bundle

unlock bundle Many players want to download free fire unlock game simply because there is no bundle in their free fire account.

Bundles are the costumes of the characters.

A bundle is a complete set of clothes, which looks very attractive.

if you want to unlock rarest bundle in free fireGo to the Magic Cube section, select any bundle, and click the Buy button to open the chosen bundle.

These tricks are beneficial for every FF player who wants to unlock all the necessary in-game items without much effort.

Moreover, these tricks are 100% working and safe to use.

FAQ – Free Fire Unlocked Games

How do I unlock the Free Fire game?

The tricks that work to unlock the latest version of Free Fire have already been mentioned in this article.

Follow them carefully, and you will be able to unlock Free Fire game.

Can I fully unlock the Free Fire game?

Yes, by using the given tricks, you can completely unlock the Free Fire game.

Also, the apk provided is the fully unlocked version of Free Fire.

Is it safe to use Free Fire Unlocked Game?

Free Fire Unlocked Game is safe to use as long as you are using secure methods to unlock it.

last word

Free Fire is a trending game because of its beautiful graphics and great gaming experience.

But, without diamonds and all in-game items, you cannot enjoy the game properly as well as diamonds are necessary to become a pro player in Free Fire.

In this article, we discussed some of the ways to Free Fire Unlock Games.

Using these methods, you can easily unlock any in-game item in Free Fire.

I hope you liked this information given on Free Fire Unlocked Game.

Each of the methods and steps described in this article are valid, and many Free Fire players are already using these tricks.

Be sure to share this article with your friends.

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