Free Fire Top Player Id (With Amazing Facts)

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Do you know about the top 5 rarest IDs of Garena free fire? If you don’t know, then read this article till the end.

In this fantastic post, we will see about the top 5 rarest free fire IDs.

Also, We will share Free Fire Top Player Id, So you can also play with the top free fire players.

Garena free fire has reached more than 1 billion total downloads and has millions of daily active users.

The Garena free fire game is one of the most trending battle royal games.

This game provides a unique ID number to every player who makes an account.

This individual ID is known as UID in the free fire.

If someone wants to find his friend on free fire, he can easily find him through his UID.

Every player of free fire gets this UID as a unique identification number.

You can also checkout others’ free fire profiles by simply searching them through their UID number.

Each player in Free Fire has a profile page that displays their rank, level, Elite Pass Badges, how long they’ve been playing, and other information.

While most gamers, including you and me, will have nothing to distinguish our profiles, there are Free Fire accounts out there that will leave you speechless and wondering how they accomplished it? So let’s start our today’s article on the most demanding topic Free Fire Top Player Id.

Month- Year January- 2022
Uses of Free Fire Top Player Id Free fire top player Id can be used to find unique free fire players
Number of free Fire Top Player Id added here 5
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List of 5 free fire top player Id

The Free fire top player Ids and their owner names are as follow.

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Free Fire Top Player Name (IGN) Free Fire Top Player Id


Pramod UID no.




Noobkidz1234 UID no.




1.Free fire top player Id 189912838

Free fire top player Id 189912838 The free fire top player’s name is “ITZ VISHU.” He is a very pro player and one of the oldest players in the free fire.

He has season 1 and season 2 Elite passes.

He had also reached heroic in the ranked match of season 19, and also he reached clash squad ranked in season 5.

His level is 69, and he also got 12827 likes on his profile.

Talking about lifetime matches, he had played around 11,748 games, and through all of this, he had won around 2460.

This ID is one of the rarest IDs in free fire, and he is an excellent player in the free fire.

His headshot rate was about 28.17 % which is incredible.

2.Free fire top player Id 254128991

Free fire top player Id 254128991 Another free fire top player id is 254128991.

The owner’s name of this id is “Pramod.” He is also an incredible player of free fire, and he has spent a lot of money on the free fire game.

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This player has almost every season elite passes.

He had started playing free fire from season 1.

Also, he has every elite passes bundle, making this ID more rare and epic.

Pramod has 26,727 total likes on his ID, and the level is 73.

Currently, in a ranked match, he is in the diamond 2 tier, and in Clash squad ranked mode, he is at heroic tier.

From the start and till now, he played almost 13,636 matches and achieved booyah nearly 2904 matches.

His headshot rate is 40.25% which is incredible.

3.Free fire top player Id 147030856

Free fire top player Id 147030856 The player’s name of this free fire top player id is “ARROW INS4NE”.

He is the next pro player and the oldest and rarest player of free fire.

This player also has a season 1 Elite pass and its bundles, and he also spends a lot of money in this game.

He has each and every season elite passes and their bundles.

He had also collected all the season’s badges of free fire.

His collection is top of the notch and the most fantastic collection of free fire.

Currently, in a ranked match, he is in diamond 4, and in clash squad ranked, he has achieved heroic, and he also got almost 27007 likes in the game in all over a lifetime.

He had played 19,239 matches, and out of this, he had achieved booyah 6003.

His headshot rate is around 25.24%.

4.Free fire top player Id 126672943

Free fire top player Id 126672943 The player’s name of this free fire top player id is “noobkidz1234”.

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He is the next top player on our list, and his ID is the top rarest ID in the free fire.

He has some incredible skills, but he didn’t play for the last 30 days.

He has some of the seasons Elite passes and some of not.

His level is 69 in the game, and right now, because of not playing the game he current rank in the ranked match is in the bronze tier, and the same goes for the clash squad ranked.

He had played around 11,703 games in his overall lifetime and achieved booyah almost around 2,799.

His headshot rate is approximately 33.89%.

It is the highest headshot rate among all other 4 rares free fire top player ID.

5.Free fire top player Id 246694256

Free fire top player Id 246694256
The player’s name is “BOSS SANU.” This ID also comes under the rarest free fire top player ID.

Also, he is one of the best players in the free fire.

His level in the game is 85, and he has around 61492 likes.

He also has Elite passes, badges, and bundles for almost every season.

Also, he has a top rarest bundle, a hip hop bundle.

He also reached the diamond 2 tier in the ranked match.

Currently, in clash squad mode, he reached Heroic level, and he played in lifetime matches around 33,776.

He achieved booyah around 7,711 overall lifetime matches, and his headshot rate is 32.24% which is also incredible.

FAQ’s – Free fire top player ID

Which is the best free fire top player ID?

254128991 is the best free fire top player ID because this ID has all elite passes bundle, including the rarest season 1 elite pass bundle.

How to search free fire top player ID?

The process of searching free fire top player ID is straightforward.

Use the in-game feature, known as “Free fire ID search,” to find anyone’s free-fire ID.

Which free fire top player ID has the highest likes?

The free fire top player ID that has the highest likes is 246694256.

The likes of this ID are around 61492.


Many players want to play free fire with the game’s top players.

But without knowing free fire top player id, they can’t play the game with top players.

So, by using mentioned top player ids, you can send a friend request to top players of the free fire game through the free fire player id search feature.

In this article, we discussed the top 5 rarest free fire top player id.

We had seen their status, their headshot rate, and many other things.

Unfortunately, there are very few players in the free-fire who started playing free fire for season 1 and are still playing.

In this article, free fire top player ids were as follows.

  1. 189912838
  2. 254128991
  3. 147030856
  4. 126672943
  5. 246694256

In this list, we saw the free fire top player id, who had started playing the game from season 1, and we had seen pro players with a fantastic status.

I hope you enjoyed this list of free fire top player IDsIf you have any queries about free fire top player id, feel free to ask in the comments.

We will surely help you.

In addition, If you want to obtain free diamonds in your free fire account, you can use the free fire diamonds generator tool.

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