Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes

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If you also want to become a pro player in free fire, then in this article we will share with you 20+ free fire pro tips and tricks, using which you can become a pro player quickly.

To know everything about Free Fire Tips and Tricks, read this article thoroughly, so without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Benefits of Becoming a Pro in Free Fire

Benefits of Becoming a Pro in Free Fire There are two types of players in Garena Free Fire: pro players and noob players.

Now know what is the difference between these two players.

Those who play the game well and win every match are pro players.

People who don’t even know how to play the game are noob players.

Maybe you are also a noob player.

So you are reading this article right now, but don’t worry, all the pro players out there today were once noobs too.

But he continued to play the game and today he is a pro player.

Free Fire Tips and Tricks

free fire tip and trick Follow all the Free Fire tips and tricks below to win every match in Free Fire.

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After applying these tricks in Free Fire, you too will become a pro player.

#1.Use a combo of short-range and long-range weapons, weapons

Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes There are over 30 weapons in Free Fire, and each weapon has a different damage and firing speed.

So you should have two guns.

One gun to kill the nearby enemy and one gun to kill the distant enemy.

You can use any SMG ammo gun to kill nearby enemies and an AR ammo gun to kill enemies at long range.

#2.Choose a safe place to land

Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes free fire There are many maps, but most players play on the Bermuda map.


jumping off the plane you have to choose a safe place to land where no other players can come.

If you land at a place like Peak and Clock Tower, you’ll be accompanied by a number of highly skilled players, and they hit you first because you’re new to the game, so choosing the right place to land is essential.

We would recommend you to land at any corner of the map as no one comes at the end of the map.

This trick will also increase your survival time in Free Fire.

#3.Don’t rush without a helmet and vest

Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes Helmets and vests play a primary role in Free Fire.

Helmets and vests are available from level 1 to level 4 in Free Fire, so keep in mind that whenever you go to fight someone in Free Fire, you should have at least a level 3 helmet and vest if you are without a helmet.

And fight with the vest, you will die soon.

You can easily get a level 3 helmet and vest from Airdrop.

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Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes If you play with a good team, you will become a pro player very quickly.

Plus, a pro team will have you covered well.

You can also ask them to help you by using the voice chat feature if you run into any issues.

If you don’t have any pro players on your friend list, you can play in a ranked match in squad mode.

In Squad Mode, you’ll find all-new pro players with whom you can play as squads later.


Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes Tu Tu Car and Amphibian Car Both these vehicles are the dirtiest in Free Fire as they have very low speed and you will get damaged by all the bullets fired by the enemy.

You can use a monster truck or sports car instead of these vehicles because they have a very high speed, and they also keep you safe while you are sitting in them.

Monster truck is the best vehicle in Free Fire because it doesn’t explode quickly and has a lot of hp.

#6.Use spy panda only as a pet

Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes There are many pets in Free Fire, and each pet has different skills, but Detective Panda is the best pet in Free Fire.

Detective Panda will give you ten health points whenever you kill enemies.

Spy Panda will be of great help to you when you don’t have medkit.

#7.Never rob an airdrop without a glue wall

Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes You can easily get a Glue Wall in Free Fire, and it’s a life-saving item.

Whenever you’re looting an airdrop, put a glue wall around you and then steal the drop and do the same thing every time you revive your teammates.

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It will protect you from bullets fired by enemies.

#8.Use a landmine while camping

Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes It’s a lot of fun hiding in the house when you start playing Free Fire.

If you also like to camp in a house then landmine can be very useful for you.

Place the landmine wherever you are hiding it on the stairs of the house.

If the enemy comes, he himself will die because of the landmine.

You can find landmines very easily in high loot locations like clock towers and factories.

#9.Play only with useful characters

Free Fire Tips and Tricks: Become a Pro in 10 Minutes Characters play an important role in Free Fire.

Without the right character, you will never be able to become a pro.

Free Fire empowers us to use up to four character skills at a time, so you can use up to four character skills at once, and of course, this Free Fire character skill combination will help you win the game.

  1. DJ Alok Ability – Increase speed by 15% and restore five HP per second for 10 seconds
  2. Muay Thai – Increased fist damage by 400%
  3. Joseph – Increased speed by 20% while taking damage
  4. Miguel – Get 60 EP for each kill.

You can also use CR7 Chrono and Skyler characters instead of DJ Alok.

#10.Use the Glider Like a Pro

free fire game tips In the latest update, Free Fire has removed the glider from the ranked game, but the glider is still available in the classic game, and using the glider, you can move on the roof of any Free Fire house.

Using it, you can hide anywhere.

The observatory is the best place to find gliders.

free fire tricks

free fire tricks

  • Never share your account name and password with anyone.

    If you communicate with anyone, change your password now.

    If You Don’t Change Your Account Password, You Will Lose Your Free Fire Account

  • Never use mod apk in Free Fire – mod apk never works in online games.

    So please don’t use them to protect your data

  • Never buy diamonds as buying a subscription is a better option.

free fire tips

free fire tips

  • Never use a guest account.

    If you change your mobile, you cannot log in again with the same account

  • If you want to know how many people on your Facebook friends list are playing Free Fire, always log in with your Facebook account.

FAQ – Free Fire Tips & Tricks

How to reach Veer in 1 day in Free Fire?

You can’t reach Heroic and Grandmaster in one day, and you have to play Free Fire for at least three to four hours every day, and every day you have to win at least 20 matches to achieve Heroic rank.

You can use a double rank token, which will increase your rank very quickly.

How to level up in Free Fire?

Raising your Free Fire account level quickly is a bit tricky, but if you play Free Fire daily for two years in a row, you’ll easily reach level 70.

There are only a few players in Free Fire who reach level 100.

If you are a new player, please focus on improving your skills.

Your free fire level will also increase automatically.

What are the Best High Loot Places in Free Fire?

High loot varies with each match in Free Fire, so it’s hard to say which is best for high loot or level 3 loot.

But still, you can get down at Peak, Mill, Clock Tower and Factory.

There’s plenty of level 3 loot available at all times.

If you need level 3 loot urgently, you can use bounty tokens.

conclusion –

I hope you liked our article on Free Fire Tips and Tricks.

If you follow all these tips and tricks and practice every day, you too will become a pro player of Free Fire very quickly.

Also, please share this article with your friends.

These pro tips and tricks will help them a lot to become a pro in Free Fire.

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