Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Photos, Badges, Bundles, and Many More Details

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Hello friends, we will be discussing all the items and rewards of Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass in this great post.

Let’s see what items and bundles we get in the Season 1 Elite Pass.

If you haven’t played Free Fire with Elite Pass 1, then read this article till the end.

Garena Free Fire, which was launched on 23 August 2017, has become one of the most popular battle games in 2021.

The game offers exciting features and unique items that attract the gamers.

In June 2018, Garena Free Fire introduced a unique concept to the game known as the Elite Pass, also known as the Battle Pass.

The idea of ​​the Elite Pass was to provide Free Fire players with premium skins and costumes.

Because of this unique concept, Garena Free Fire generated decent revenue, as at the end of 2018, Free Fire got about 182 million new users and players.

Today in this exciting article we will discuss what is Elite Pass? And also, we’ll discuss the items and rewards of free fire season 1 elite pass,

What is the Garena Free Fire Elite Pass?

What is Garena Free Fire Elite Pass

Elite Pass cost 499 diamonds in Free Fire
The Free Fire Battle Pass, also known as the Free Fire Elite Pass, is a pass that gives you beautiful skins of guns and other items.

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Plus, you’ll get various bundles, costumes and premium outfits for free, all you have to do is buy this pass for diamonds, and you’ll get tons of amazing things.

The Elite Pass concept has proved beneficial to Garena Free Fire as it has increased the number of Free Fire players within a year.

Additionally, each pass has a time limit of one month.

After a month, you can buy a new pass to get new items.

The process to buy the Elite Pass is straightforward.

If you don’t know how to buy a Free Fire Elite Pass, follow these simple steps.

  • open garena free fire application.
  • In the lobby section, you will find the option “Free Fire Pass: Click on that option”.
  • Then in the Free Fire Pass section, players will get the option of “UPGRADE”.
  • Click on that upgrade option.
  • Now you will see two options (1.

    Elite Pass and 2.

    Elite Bundle)

  • There will be 499 Diamonds in the Elite Pass and 999 Diamonds in the Elite Bundle.


    can choose whichever one you want.
  • After selecting a pass, you’ll need to confirm the purchase to receive your Free Fire Elite Pass.

You can easily buy a free Fire Elite Pass with these easy steps if you have enough diamonds to buy it.

If you want to get all the Elite Passes in Free Fire for free, Click here.

Now let’s see what items and rewards were in the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass.

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Rewards

Elite Pass Season 1 in Garena Free Fire || Free Fire Elite Pass Season 1 Full Review
Following is the list of rewards for the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 1:

#1.girl t shirt

girl t shirt

Season 1 Elite Pass T-Shirt
If you’re a Season 1 Free Fire Elite pass holder, the first prize you’ll receive is a girl’s T-shirt with five badges.

It has a unique flower-based pattern with beautiful color combinations.

This is a T-shirt with an average girl character.

#2.profile avatar

profile avatar The second item you’ll find is an avatar of ten badges.

This avatar has a flower design pattern with red and blue color combination.

This avatar is also known as one of the rarest avatars in Garena Free Fire. coins

gold coins

Free 200 gold coins as a reward
The third item is 200 gold coins.

For 15 badges you will get 200 gold coins.

You can use these gold to buy some important items from the shop.

After some other items, you will get another box of 300 gold coins.

In every Elite Pass you will get free gold coins, so it is common to find you in this Elite Pass.

#4.booty box

booty box

gift box for free gifts
The fourth item you’ll find is the loot box from Season 1.

With this loot box, you can get various unique items.

You will get a total of 2 loot boxes in this Elite Pass.


season 1 shoes
Our fifth item you will find is shoes.

This is a male character bundle shoes.

You have to equip them with the collection section to use them.

#6.backpack skin

backpack skin

beautiful bag skin
You’ll get a great backpack in pink with a pretty floral pattern as a reward in the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass.

After taking it, you will get another backpack whose shape is like a teddy bear.

This teddy bear backpack is one of the most valuable items in Garena Free Fire.

#7.Season 1 Elite Pass Bundle

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Bundle

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Bundle
In the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass, there is only one women’s bundle.

So you have to collect the bundle, and then you have to untie it to get the top, shorts, and shoes.

This bundle is also one of the unique female bundles in Free Fire, as it is the first bundle to appear in the Garena Free Fire game.

#8.female mask

free fire season 1 elite pass photo

free fire season 1 elite pass photo
This is a simple female character mask that you will find in this elite pass.

#9.surfboard skin

surfboard skin

rare surfboard skin
In this luxurious elite pass, they also offer you surfboard skin with an excellent combination of colors and patterns.

Anyone who started playing Free Fire with an elite pass is the only player to have this coolest surfboard skin.

#10.parachute skin

Season 1 Elite Pass's Parachute Skin The 10th item you’ll find in this Season 1 Elite Pass is the stunning Parachute skin with the best color combinations and a beautiful flower pattern.

#11.male bundle

male bundle First, we collected the shoes of the male character.

Then, after a few other items, you’ll find this great T-shirt inspired by samurai clothing.

This elite pass is dedicated to a Chinese tradition.

So you will find all the fabulous costumes of male and female characters depending on the custom.

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Badge

Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass Badge

free fire season 1 elite pass badge symbol
Each elite in Free Fire has a unique badge or emblem, which helps players remember the prize.

The badge for the Season 1 Elite Pass is designed as a white flower.

Anyone can collect this badge by completing tasks available on the Elite Pass Mission page.

frequently Asked question –

Can I get the Season 1 Elite Pass back in Free Fire?

No, you cannot get the same Elite Pass twice in Free Fire.

However, you can purchase any old Free Fire account that has a reward for the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass.

What is the Season 1 Elite Pass Free Fire ID Number?

If you are looking for the Free Fire Season 1 ID number, then you can check the account of Lokesh Gamer whose ID is 220528068.

You can also check out the Season 1 Elite Pass badges on his account.

What is the name of the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass?

The Season 1 Elite Pass in Free Fire is titled Kitsune.

What is the launch date of Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass?

The launch date for the Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass is June 1, 2018, and the expiration date is June 30.


The Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass reminds us of the earliest version of Free Fire, where all the other players were primarily bots.

Plus, all of the rewards available in the Season 1 Elite Pass are now very rare items, so whoever owns them is very lucky.

Now, the Season 42 Elite Pass is rolling out to Free Fire.

We are many times ahead, and today’s upcoming Elite Passes are better than the Season 1 Elite Passes because they offer a lot more rewards, such as Free Fire emotes, gun skins, and more.

But, the Season 1 Elite Pass carries a lot of memories from our old days, that’s why we love it.

In this post, we discussed some of the best and most unique items in the Garena Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass.

If you like this great post, don’t forget to share this post with your Free Fire friends.

Also comment which item of Garena’s Free Fire Season 1 Elite Pass you have.

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