free fire download in jio phone

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Want to play free fire on jio phone, here is the complete information on free fire download in jio phone.

Please read this article carefully to know more about how to download free fire game on jio phone, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Reasons to play Free Fire on Jio Phone

Reasons to play Free Fire on Jio Phone How to play Free Fire in Jio? If you are searching for it on the internet then there must be some reason behind it, but whatever happens, the main reason will be that you will not have an android phone, but no problem.

I am going to tell you some such ways by which you can run Free Fire in your Jio phone very easily.

free fire download in jio phone

free fire game download jio phone now let’s talk free fire download in jio phone, I saw a video on YouTube yesterday that got over 2 million views.

In that video, that person showed that you can run Free Fire in Jio phone, then we researched that video and came to know that the video is fake, you must have felt a little bad to hear, but it is true.

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You cannot run Free Fire in Jio Phone because Free Fire supports only phones with large displays.

Even after downloading Free Fire, it will not work on Jio Phone as it requires a touch display.

play free fire game online jio phone

play free fire game online jio phone now you know that free fire Cannot play in jio phone.

But a question must be coming in your mind that how did he run free fire on jio phone in that video.

Well, the answer is simple: He was playing Free Fire online.

You can also play Free Fire Online on Jio Phone by using the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all open youtube app
  • Now, click on the Search button
  • and find free fire gameplay without voice over
  • Now press the keypad button of your Jio phone and pretend that you are playing the game yourself.


is the only way to play Free Fire Online on Jio Phone.

If you want to fool someone then you can use this trick.

The creator of that video also used the same method to run Free Fire in Jio Phone.

free fire game download in jio phone

free fire game download in jio phone Even after knowing that free fire cannot work in jio phone, some people still want to download free fire in their jio phone, then you can download free fire for jio phone by following the steps given below .

  1. Open your Jio phone browser
  2. search free fire app now
  3. Now click on the first link, which will appear after searching
  4. Now, scroll down the page and click on Download App.
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After clicking on download, you will get the Free Fire app, but the OBB file size of Free Fire is 590 MB.

It is impossible to download this file on Jio phone as the internal storage of Jio phone is very less and Free Fire cannot run without OBB file.

So please, it is better that you do not download the free fire app too.

why can’t play free fire on jio phone

Reasons why you can't play free fire free fire game download on jio phone play store jio phone

  • Free Fire requires a large display, and Jio Phone has a very small display.
  • Free Fire only runs on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, and Jio Smartphone runs on KAI OS, which does not support Free Fire.
  • Free Fire only works on touch screen phones, and Jio Phone is a keypad phone.
  • Free Fire requires a powerful processor to run smoothly, and Jio Phone’s processor cannot run heavy games like Free Fire.

FAQ – Free Fire Download in Jio Phone

When will free fire come in jio phone?

Free fire for jio phone will never come, nor will free fire for jio phone be launched, so it is better not to wait for free fire for jio phone.

You can try other battle royale games like Free Fire, which supports Kia OS and runs smoothly on Jio Phone.

Free Fire Game Apk Download for Jio?

We have mentioned the steps to download Free Fire apk for jio phone, but still, after downloading the apk you cannot play Free Fire.

You also need to download the OBB file of Free Fire, which you cannot download on Jio Phone.

Can I play Free Fire in Jio Phone 2?

Jio Phone 2 also has the same processor as Jio Phone 1, so you cannot play Free Fire in Jio Phone 2.

But you can try the “Try Now” option available in the Play Store to confirm whether Free Fire is running or not.

conclusion –

I hope you liked this article on the topic “Free Fire Game Download for Jio Phone”.

If you got some information from this article, do share it with your friends.

You can not play Free Fire on any Jio phone, do not waste your precious time by searching this topic more.

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