Fashion Blogger Name Ideas – Use Price Tags to Inspire You

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A good name for a blog is crucial for both a fashion blogger and for the readers of the blog.

These are just some cool, creative, good, and cute fashion blog names to get inspiration from.

Your blog’s name should be the first thing which draws readers to it and a great name is also the first thing which gets readers involved with your blog.

fashion blogger name ideas

So how can you come up with catchy, creative fashion blog name ideas? First, think about what your niche is.

If you are writing about accessories for women, then trendy plus sized fashion needs will definitely cross your path. You should try to find out what words people would likely type into search engines when looking for what you offer.

After you have coined a few words that describe your niche, try to see if there’s already a blog out there that talks about your chosen items.

See if your chosen words are already in use on blogs related to your niche.

If it’s possible, talk to other fashion bloggers. See what names they use for their blogs.

See if those names catch your fancy. Chances are if they are, those bloggers probably have the same sense of humor as you do which can help you with your next step – coming up with good fashion blog names.

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There’s one big mistake many bloggers make and it’s a big factor in coming up with fashion blog names – confusing your readers.

People may not be familiar with your blog topic so when they type in your blog’s name they may get confused and end up seeing some other content instead.

You want to come up with a few ideas that are just a little different than the rest.

That brings us to our next point – making your blog’s title memorable.

One sure way to make your blog memorable is to make sure that the name of the blog is memorable. Think about how many times people type the name and then go to the end of it and spell out the word.

Few people will actually spell out the word so chances are your title will be remembered by someone for sure.

Brand names from the last year are good examples of great fashion edit titles. If you’re running a blog on the latest trends in designer wear for spring, consider how many times that might be mentioned online.


it mentioned a lot in product descriptions? Probably. You can take the word from those descriptions and turn it into a great title for your fashion blog.

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Those of you who know how to edit pictures can use this technique as well. What if you were designing a cute fashion blog names something like “Cute Fashion Apparel”,

maybe “Cute Fashion Blog”, or “Cute Fashion Blog Names” and use those words in a caption.

Everyone will see the picture of what you’re talking about and it’ll make people more likely to want to click through your site. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it does help with SEO.

All fashion bloggers should keep their names as simple as possible. You don’t want to come up with a clever name that only you would recognize as such.

As soon as you start getting your name out there, people are going to figure out that you know what you’re talking about, and that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to fashion.

It’s just a simple habit that most fashion bloggers do eventually, so don’t be left out!

You can also find some blog names online. Try searching for popular blog names in Google or Yahoo! Make sure that you put quotes around your words (ex: “blogger” instead of “blog”).

If you want to be unique, you might also want to try a blog name generator.

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For more unique fashion blog name ideas, you can also look at price tags for things.

Price tags give you an idea of what the average blogger is charging, and depending on your topic, it might be helpful to keep your prices low.

Just keep in mind that people will often be a bit wary about paying too low for something that they’ll see as rare, or that’s of a special quality.

That said, low price tags are a great way to get people to check out your blog!

When you have a good sense of what the public might be willing to pay for your fashion blog,

you can use that price as your inspiration for your own clothing design. If you’re just starting out,

you don’t need any more than a few good name ideas for clothes.

Once you have a name for your blog, you can then move onto other clothing concepts, like men’s wear, children’s wear, or even accessories.

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