5 Ways Hackers Use To Hack Facebook Accounts

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Many people searches Ways to hack facebook Account Free To Prank or any other Reasons.

There are many ways hacker use to hack facebook account but it’s not mean that anyone can Facebook Accounts.

5 Ways Hackers Use To Hack Facebook Accounts

It’s require many Technique and Strategies to hack a facebook Account.

In This Post I will show you how do people hack facebook Account and you can use these ways to prank with someone.

Some Sites Say you to complete survey to hack somebody’s Facebook Accounts.

Ways To Hack Facebook Accounts

1. Phishing

In Facebook Phishing Method Hacker create a Fake Facebook Login Page to collect Facebook username and password of victim.
People Generate or create by own fake Facebook Login Page then send to victim and when victim open the link he/she think that it’s Facebook link and start to login by provide login Information.
And Immediately after victim details fill hacker get Facebook username and password.

2. Keylogging

Keylogging is one of the best and easy way to hack someones Facebook Account.
There are many keylogger apps and keylogger software available you can use even a good people who know computer can be hacked by keylogging.

In keylogging Hacker use a small program and install to victim device and every time victim type anything from device hacker gets all information.

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Some keylogger come up with auto hide option mean after install program it hides Automatically.

There are many free and paid keyloggers available on Internet you can use to spy on your friends or children.

3. Stealers

It’s also a good Facebook hacking Technique but needs some knowledge to do it correctly. Almost every person store and save password to access sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more..
It’s good service to direct login but you know that hackers can use these to hack facebook Account.
There are many method to do it you can search on Google Everything available in Google to learn.

4. Session Hijacking

If you access Facebook on a HTTP it can be dangerous for your Facebook account.
Hackers use browser cookies to access victims Account.

5. Side Jacking / Firesheep

If you are using free WiFi and on a public network be aware of it.
If victims and hacker on same Network victims details can be hacked by this method.
mostly used in WiFi Networks.

how to hack somebody’s facebook

To hack facebook Account of somebody’s you can use methods mentioned in this article.
But , I suggest to don’t do any illegal activities.

how to hack facebook password for free without downloading anything

Use online service to steal FB account such as fake page maker or anything.

how to prevent facebook hack

1. Don’t use public WiFi Networks.
2. Never save Password on your and other devices browser.
3. Don’t click to any unknown link.
4. Never put your login details to other sites it can be dangerous.

Bottom Line :
I hope this article help you to understand ways to hack facebook.
If you have any queries feel free to comment below 👇

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