Earn money from ginger farming business start and earn 15 lakh rupees know how

If you want to earn big money through farming, then prepare such a crop, which, along with maintaining good demand throughout the year, also gets a great price.

We are telling you about one such cultivation, which has a great demand in winter.

Also, there is a decent demand throughout the year.

In this you can earn more profit than job.

The most important thing is that the Central Government will also help you for its cultivation.

We are talking about ginger farming, which is used in everything from tea to vegetables and pickles to medicines.

Earn money from ginger farming business start and earn 15 lakh rupees know how

Ginger is used in every household.

Let us know how to start ginger farming.

The tubers of its previous crop are used for sowing ginger.

Break the claws of big ginger in such a way that two to three shoots remain in one piece.

Plow the field 2 or 3 times before sowing.

This will make the soil friable.

After this, apply plenty of cow dung manure in the field, which will lead to good production.

How to cultivate ginger?

Ginger cultivation is highly dependent on natural rainfall.

It can be cultivated alone or in combination with papaya and other large tree crops.

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For sowing in one hectare, 2 to 3 tonnes of seeds are required.

The cultivation of ginger should be done by making beds.

Apart from this, water also drains easily by making drains in the middle.

Ginger should not be cultivated in waterlogged fields.

The soil with 6-7 pH is most suitable for ginger cultivation.

While sowing ginger, row to row distance should be kept 30 to 40 cm and plant to plant distance 20 to 25 cm.

Apart from this, after sowing the seeds at a depth of four to five centimeters, they should be covered with light soil or cow dung.

Irrigate through dripping system.

This will save water.

Fertilizer can also be given easily through drip system.

How much will you earn in a year?

Ginger crop is ready in 8 to 9 months.

About 7-8 lakh rupees are spent in cultivation of ginger in one hectare.

About 150 to 200 quintals of ginger is produced in one hectare.

The price of ginger in the market ranges from Rs 80-120 per kg.

If we also assume the average of 50 to 60 rupees, then one hectare will earn up to 25 lakh rupees.

Even after deducting all the expenses, you will have a profit of Rs 15 lakh.

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