3+ Ways To Download Someone Website Videos

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Today we will know how we can download videos of a website or blog.for this, i will tell you three methods, with the help of which you will be able to download videos of any website or blog.

3+ Ways To Download Someone Website Videos

Using the Catch.tube website

In this method you will have to download the videos from a website. The name of that website is catch.tube | You have to go to this website to download videos of any website. With the help of this website, after putting the website that you want to download the video in it, this website will check all the videos in that website page and bring it to you, apart from this, you can download the videos in any quality as per your choice.

How to use catch.tube

1. Copy the address of the URL of the website from which you want to download the videos.

2. After this you go to this website.

3. After the opening of this website, you put the address of the copied website in it and click on the catch video.

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4. After some time processing, this website will bring all the list of videos in the URL address entered in front of you.

5. You can download any video you want to download from here.

By Installing the extension in the browser

You can also download videos by installing the extension in your browser. Following are some such extensions –

1. One-Click Video Downloader

By installing this extension in the browser, you can easily download the videos of the website. You will find this extension in the Chrome Web Store. With its help, you can download many types of videos like – flv video, mp4, avi, asf, mpeg etc.

With the help of this, you can download more than one video and in addition you can also download audio.

YouTube videos cannot be downloaded with the help of this extension.

2. Web Video Downloader

Hey this is also a great extension from which the videos of the website can be downloaded. YouTube videos cannot be downloaded even with the help of this extension.

With the help of a computer (by using computer, laptop)

With the help of laptop or computer, you can easily download the videos of the website. This facility is available in laptops and computers, with the help of which we can see the complete coding of any website, apart from that many resources such as images, audio, videos are also visible in that webpage and they can be easily viewed on our computers, laptops Can also be taken.

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style="text-align: left">How to use it

1. First of all, from which website you have to download the video, open it in the browser of your computer or laptop.

2. After that you click the right button of the mouse

3. If you do this, you will face many options, then you have to select the option with the inspector, by doing this, all the coding and resources of that opened website will be exposed to you.

4. You can download videos, besides coding many files of the website, etc. from here.

Conclusion :

I Hope This Post Help You To Download Videos From Website.

Know Any Other Methods To Download Videos Of Website Then Inform Me By Comment.

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