19 Thing’s Must Follow to Do Before Writing Blog Post

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If you want to do Blogging as business you should have to take it seriously to make thousands of dollars per month by blog.

Every Blog article need separate attention to get traffic and user engagement For Do it we have to follow some Important things that should follow before writing any blog post.

19 Thing's Must Follow to Do Before Writing Blog Post

Blogging is not simply Research Content, write and publishing Articles than many bloggers and newbie think. According toletter.ly 7.5 million Blog Posts Publish Every Day but, Not Every Get Tons of traffic. A Professional blogger follow a ton of tasks for blog success.

Blogging is not to write tons of articles and not able to get quality traffic constantly. Many Blog has 600+ articles and not getting even 100+ traffic daily and some Blog has only 15 Articles and getting 1000+ Quality traffic every single day.

Here are 19 things you absolutely should to follow BEFORE you publish a blog post. Blogging is far less about writing posts than many (new) bloggers think.

1. Research Content

Every blog article start with content research. there are many ways to research content for blog post.

2. Re-Think

After content research you have to sort content and choose better content according to your blog and audience.

3. keyword research

keyword research is very important factor should follow before writing any blog post if you want organic traffic from search engines.

4. Attractive Title For Better CTR

after its time to make or generate attractive and SEO friendly post title . there are many article title generator available on internet you can use.

5. Make Good Article structure

Make good and user friendly article structure that engage with audience and decrease blog bounce rate.
Every Professional Blogger and Article writer Make Article structure before writing because it helps to understand what is best to serve step by step on Article .
It helps blog audience to easily understand your article and get more share and links.

6. Create Images

Create own unique images for blog article or use creative common websites for high quality images.

7. Research Competitors

Research competitors deeply to get more quality backlinks.

8. Meta Description

Analyze Competitors Meta Description And Write Own Unique Meta Description.

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style="text-align: left">9. Write Or Generate SEO URL
you can write own seo friendly url or can use url genertaor to make better SEO url for Blog Post.

10. Create Or Find visual element to embedded

If you can create good and attractive visual for blog article it’s good but if you can’t you need to find on various sources.
You can embed Youtube videos on blog articles to increase blog dwell time and reduce bounce Rate.

11. Relavent internal Links

Internal Links can help you a lot to get more traffic, views, earning and some SEO Benefits.
Many SEO Expert’s recommended that Internal Linking is a Secret of search engines to get ranking without Backlinks that’s why you should consider it.

12. relevent external links

If your article needed to add External Links you should do it.
Don’t stay with it.
If you add External links on Articles it look natural and reliable.
A study show that added external links blog rank fast compared to blog that not add External links.
But, Don’t add many links because it only help you to increase spams.

13. Add Source Links

If you notice Wikipedia you will see that on every article source links always available.
You know why Wikipedia do this.
Because it gives a link to the owners content and safe with any reports.
Also , some SEO Blog Such As Search Engine journal follows this strategy on blog.

14. Better Location For Call to action

Always add CTA in a better location that will get more views and attention to get leads.
It’s not recommended to add CTA on all articles but should add to most valuable and Popular articles.

15. Research Audience

Research article Audience and find then to share article.
Note down platform of your audience so, you can easily share article after publish without much effort.
The more Audience will come the more trust and traffic will Increase.

16. choose Labels/Categories

Find Labels and categories according to Article so, it will more valuable and easily accessible by search engine bots.
Not use unnecessary categories to get Traffic and ranking it will only help you in short term and after soms time you will regret.

17. Best Time to Publish Article

You have to think what is best time to publish blog article. It depends on niche and Article what you providing so, do some research before publishing it.

18. word length needed

There are many content optimiser tool available that you can use to Optimize and know how much word length your article needed to rank on search engines.

19. Check Backlink Required to rank on top 10

Also , some tool such as ahref can provide you details information about your article’s Man Keyword and suggest you how much Backlinks you need to rank in top 10 result of SERP.

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Bottom Line :
That was a Experienced And important list that you need to follow before writing any blog post. But there is also a lot to do but i covered only requirement thinks that should do.

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