Corona Virus Checker Script Free Download [Blogger+WordPress]

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Do you want to create corona virus checker blog to make money and searching for corona virus checker whats-app viral script then, you are on a right article.

Corona Virus Checker Script Free Download [Blogger+WordPress]

We Are Facing Many problem during this Covid-19 and some people can’t go to checkup for Corona Virus. These script can help people to understand possibilities of safe with corona.

Also, You can use this script to generate revenue in this Bad time.

What is Corona Virus Checker Script

Basically, In corona virus script collection of some html, CSS and codes. you can use this script to create your corona virus checker blog or website.

Download Corona Virus Pro Viral Script Free

Click To Download button Start Downloading Directly Also You Can check preview by click Demo Button.

Features Of Corona Virus Checker Script

  • Premium Looking UI.
  • Easy to use for everyone.
  • Easy to Installation.
  • Suggest to contact corona helpline after complete survey.
  • Social Share Icons : Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Email.
  • Option To Copy Link.
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How Corona Virus checker Script Work

Well, When you upload this script to blogger or wordpress based blog and save it. your corona virus checker website ready to work.
When Any person come to this website it ask some questions and after filling all it gives possibility to know how much percentage person safe with covid-19.
It will ask some Question That is below :
1. Enter You Name:
2.Do you have a fever?
3.Are you coughing?
4.Are you close contact with sick people?
5.Are you travel during lockdown period?
6.Do you often touch your face?
7.Do you wash your hands often? If not, select Yes.
8.Not using a face mask? If not, select yes.?
9.Are you feeling a headache?

Install the Script to Blogger

Installation of Blogger Template is not a big deal you just have to follow some steps. Know how to install Blogger Template to Blog.
After the Template install you have to enable desktop theme on Blogger so it will show on mobile devices otherwise don’t show to Mobile devices.

How To Customize Corona Virus Checker Script

This Script is already fully customized by me but before using it on you blog or website yous should make some changes.
  • Find The URL =
  • Replace with your own Blog Or Website URL.
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To Earn From Corona Virus checker site

Well, You have to work hard to earn from these type of blog.
Google Adsense : Google Adsense not approve single page Website means we can’t use Google Adsense on it.
Adsense Alternative: you can use Adsense Alternative to earn money by CPM and CPC.
Affiliate Marketing : affiliate Marketing can help you to earn lot of money if this site will be viral. Use Product that every type of people can buy not target specific niche user it will not help you to earn much.
Promotion : if your website will go viral you can promote other person’s Services, Products, and also websites to make money.
There are countless Sources you can use to make money online. You have to target audience, Product, and right time to be success.
Bottom Line :
I hope this script will perfectly work on your blogger and wordpress but, if you will face any problem or have any suggestions feel free to ask me.

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