Complete list of all the best submachine guns in Free Fire

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submachine gun in free fire: In this article you will learn about submachine guns in free fire, and we will discuss about top 8 submachine guns in free fire.

Garena Free Fire is one of the fastest growing fires battle royale games, Free Fire was launched on 23 August 2017.

Now, Garena Free Fire has over a billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

This game is available for Android and iOS users.

The word battle royale itself says that the game is completely based on combat, However, the main component that makes the game’s battle royal is the guns.

A game cannot be a battle royal game without guns and other defense and attacking elements.

In this type of game, there are many types of firearms such as SMG, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Sniper, Machine Gun, and many more.

All these types of guns are available in Free Fire that the player can use to attack and defend.

In this great post we will talk about a type of gun which is known as submachine gun (SMG). submachine gun in free fire Plays an important role, and Free Fire has many elite pass missions of SMG weapons.

What is a submachine gun in Free Fire?

submachine gun in free fire
A submachine gun is a player’s secondary backbone weapon.

In short, we called submachine guns SMG in Free Fire.

The ammo we load into an SMG gun is known as SMG ammo, and such a gun is allowed to be played at mid-range of the match.

Their rate of fire is tremendous.

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Submachine guns deal a great rate of damage with a great rate of fire when the player is fighting enemies.

submachine guns (SMG) are the ones who will help you win the battle.

We all know that we use long range rifles and SMG guns, better known as submachine guns, are used for short-range and mid-range.

But Free Fire’s most powerful guns fall under the category of submachine guns.

We will find out how many submachine guns We have Free Fire and what power do they come with.

List of Submachine Guns in Free Fire

These are all submachine guns in Free Fire:

submachine guns names submachine guns damage
MP40 48
vector 47
thompson 50
UMP 50
mp5 48
VSS 54
P90 49

1.MP40 Submachine Gun in Free Fire

MP40 Submachine Gun in Free Fire
The MP40 is the most powerful weapon for short range combat and comes under the Submachine Gun (SMG) category.

The MP40 is the best and most powerful weapon in Free Fire.

Its bullet shooting speed is unbelievable.

Only this gun has a high rate of fire.

So, if you want to take down the enemy in a very short span of time, this will be the best SMG gun for you.

All you have to do is understand the use and speed of movement while taking down the enemy, and if you learn to use it properly, this gun will be of great help to you in battle.

Features and additional attachments to this submachine gun are:

Loss: 48

range: 22

magazine: 20

movement speed: 63

rate of fire: 83

reload speed: 48

Accuracy: 17

armor penetration: 0

have additional attachments: magazine


Vector Gun was launched in Free Fire a few years back and now it is rocking the gun game.

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Vector is the first akimbo gun in Free Fire where players can hold the same submachine gun in both hands, which means we can use two vector guns simultaneously.

So your opponent will think twice before trying to provoke you by using both firearms together.

Bullet speed and vector gun damage in free fire is very high.

In Free Fire matches you can only carry 2 guns and 1 pistol at a time.

So in which 1 will be an assault rifle the other will be a submachine gun and a pistol if we carry both vectors together, then we cannot take an assault rifle.

But, still, the best part and advantage of this weapon is that it is beneficial and the most powerful weapon for medium and short ranges.

Other additional attachments and features of this submachine gun in Free Fire are as follows:

Loss: 47

range: 32

movement speed: 69

magazine 25

rate of fire: 81

reload speed: 41

Accuracy: 61

armor penetration: 0

Additional Attachments: muzzle and magazine


Thompson is the next decent and most powerful submachine gun in Free Fire.

The gun comes with large-caliber and double-shot SMG power, which can inflict rapid damage and kill the enemy in the mid-range area.

This gun also looks the most pleasant and peaceful.

Features and additional attachments of this submachine gun in Free Fire are as follows:

Loss: 50

range: 33

magazine: 42

movement speed: 64

rate of fire: 77

reload speed: 48

Accuracy: 42

armor penetration: 0

Additional Attachments: muzzle and forearm


UMP is the gun for all players who want to aim a perfect headshot at the enemy’s head.

The UMP is the lightest gun in the submachine category, and at the same time allows for so many attachments that it turns it into an ultimate weapon.

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It is a very useful submachine gun for the newcomer, and it also comes with the fastest reload speed and fastest speed in terms of speed.

You can also use 2x, 3x and 4x scopes in this submachine gun.

Features and additional attachments are as follows:

Loss: 50

range: 37

magazine: 48

movement speed: 79

rate of fire: 74

reload speed: 77

Accuracy: 43

armor penetration: 67

Additional Attachments: silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope.


MP5 is the best gun for all Free Fire players.

If you want a weapon with a high rate of fire and a quick reload speed, then the MP5 is the best submachine gun for all of you.

In this submachine category, the MP5 is the gun that is easier to use than all the other submachine guns available in Free Fire.

The MP5 is a powerful weapon even for the medium range.

If you aim correctly, you can easily kill the enemy with one tremendous headshot.

The additional attachments and properties of this gun are as follows:

Loss: 48

range: 41

movement speed: 66

magazine: 48

rate of fire: 76

reload speed: 77

Accuracy: 54

armor penetration: 0


VSS is the next level gun for doing long range sniping.

Of course, VSS also has some disadvantages, but this gun covers that disadvantage with tremendous benefits.

The disadvantage of the VSS is that it has the lowest magazine capacity in the entire submachine gun category, but it covers that disadvantage with extensive power.

In the VSS gun, we get a pre-attached 4x scope and a silencer, which helps in long range sniping.

Additional attachments and features of the VSS submachine gun are as follows:

Loss: 54

range: 82


movement speed59

rate of fire: 48

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reload speed: 55

Accuracy: 73

armor penetration: 0

Additional Attachments: Magazine, and Scope.


The P90 is the gun that comes first under the submachine gun category (SMG) with high magazine capacity, and is the next level weapon in the SMG class.

The P90 is more powerful when it comes to close-range battles.

You can load a maximum of 50 bullets into the P90 gun at a time, which is a much higher loading capacity than other SMG guns.

Features and additional attachments of this submachine gun in Free Fire are:

Loss: 49

range: 27

magazine: 50

Movement speed: 63

fire rates: 76

reload speed: 48

Accuracy: 44

Additional Attachments: magazine, scope, and stock.

Frequently Asked Questions – Submachine Guns in Free Fire

What gun is a submachine gun in Free Fire?

The M90, M40, Vector, VSS and MP5 are submachine guns in Free Fire.

What does submachine gun mean in Free Fire?

A gun that requires SMG ammo to perform is known as an SMG gun in Free Fire.

What is the best submachine gun in Free Fire?

The MP40 is the best submachine gun in Free Fire.

Where can I find a submachine gun in Free Fire?

You can easily find the clock tower in Free Fire’s Bermuda map and the submachine gun in the factory.

What is the most famous submachine gun in Free Fire?

The MP40 and MP5 are the most famous and valuable submachine guns in Free Fire.


There are many submachine guns in Free Fire, but players are still not aware of the exact details of submachine guns.

So they can’t complete the latest Elite Pass’s “Defeat 20 Enemies with SMG” mission.

In this article, we shared the details of Top 7 Submachine Guns in Free Fire.

Furthermore, we discussed what a submachine gun is in Free Fire and also discussed the advantages of Top 7 Submachine Guns in Free Fire.

If you have any doubt regarding this article, do let us know in the comment section.

Also, comment on your favorite submachine gun in Free Fire.

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