.com Vs Other Domain Extensions – Which One Choose ?

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Well, I think webmasters heard about the fact that .com has better PageRank and maybe even aware of how to use it as a part of SEO strategy.

.com Vs Other Domain Extensions - Which One Choose ?

But not all of them know why .com is so much more preferable than other TLDs.

In this post I will explain the reason behind this statement and what benefits have been brought by using .com vs other TLDs.

Advantage Of .com extension

The first thing was already mentioned above – PR. Even with a little difference but still having a few less points then .com, other extensions don’t have an ability to index content from incoming links which means there’s no way to see those links in Google with .com being indexed properly.

Aound 90%+ If we compare these two TLDs side by side it has been found that .com is used on more than 36.3% of world’s websites with .net, .org and other extensions sharing the second place on approximately 28% Google knows about this stats and consider it while crawling web-pages.

Since .com is widely spread across whole internet usually gets higher PR then all other TLDs which brings another benefit; better position in search engine results for both branded keywords (brand names) and non-branded ones.

There are several reasons behind this phenomenon like some additional factors like Domain Authority but I’m not going to talk about that right now because there will be an entirely new blog post reserved for it while talking only about PR here.

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So instead of using other extensions like .net or .org, .com should be used for better results even though it costs more.

This is the main reason why you need to use this TLD if you’ve developed your own brand and want to develop a strong online presence around it.

If you’re not aware of what is Domain Authority – here’s an explanation;

it’s an SEO metric which determines the overall power of a site based on backlink profile.

You can read about DA here.

For those who are still using extensions like .net or .org it has been found that they usually rank lower then sites with domain with .com extension around the first page of SERP.

These sites usually have low DA and crawl PR which means they’re less popular, relevant and trustworthy from Google’s point of view.


.com websites are famous because it has been found that people usually tend to trust more well established brands over new ones.

In general it has been found that .com have a better competition then other extensions especially if the website is ranking for branded keywords.

In this case .com usually wins even though there’s a bigger amount of quality contents available around the web with similar or even better value then yours.

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Take into account that it doesn’t mean that you should use your brand name as a TLD to get easier rankings, however if you’ve already got one – go ahead and start using it!

The main reason why people tend to use other extensions instead of .com is because they don’t own the former which costs more but gives more benefits in return.

This situation leaves people with no choice but to either buy another extension or register any website at all which usually brings up a problem because it’s much harder to establish a new brand in comparison with an already strong one.

I believe that everyone should choose their own TLD based on the type of their business and their budget. Isn’t it?

Disadvantages Of .com Domains

If you’re still not convinced about .com TLD then let’s talk about some disadvantages that come with this extension;

for example there are more expensive than other extensions even though they’re offering less benefits.

This is because .com TLDs are most popular across whole internet which means there is fierce competition around these extensions where Google’s algorithm will choose the one with highest domain authority to display in SERP.

Therefore if your website isn’t established enough to beat competitors on its own, it probably won’t be visible among top search results regardless of having strong PR or any other ranking factors.

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Another disadvantage is that hundreds of domains sharing your name can get you into trouble either because of someone mistyping your website or one stealing your brand name.

For example if you own apple.com and someone mistypes it, there’s a big chance that they will land on iPhoneHacks.com which is not related to Apple anyhow.

On the other hand people won’t be able to find you as easy as with .org or .net due to its complicated extension which doesn’t look much attractive in comparison with others.

This disadvantage can become even more apparent when we’re talking about local brands (companies).

It has been found that visitors usually assume that .com domain always belong to large companies like Walmart or McDonald’s and therefore too many search results for this TLD may also bring up less trust for your brand.

While .com is the best choice in case of branding, it still has its own share of disadvantages that can make you think twice before choosing this TLD for your website.

This doesn’t mean however that there are no other extensions which may be useful to use instead of .com if we’re talking about businesses or brands with strong reputation on their own.

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I believe that it’s always good to diversify an online presence and try different types of websites because ultimately each one brings unique value to users around the web.


if you’re looking for branding then .com is the best choice available based on all metrics that have been mentioned above.

Not only PR, authority and trust but also people which make this TLD better than others around the web.

As you can see .com has got significant advantages over other extensions and should be used only when we want to make our business venture successful online.

If not, there’s always an option to use another extension which may cost less but even though give some benefits like making existing website look more reputable or expanding the zone of your interest (niche).

To summarize everything above, it should be noted that using .com TLD for branding purposes is always a great idea due to high trust level and significant amount of authority across internet.

On the other hand if we’re looking for something cheaper, more flexible and easier to remember then choosing .net or .org TLD may be a better option due to lower prices and overall simplicity.

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