how to change font on blogger [Blogspot] Blog

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People who use Blogspot for blogging often think about changing the default font size for Blogger text. Many Blogspot bloggers use a default font size for their blog, which is determined by the theme of their blog. Many Blogspot themes have smaller font sizes for individual posts that are difficult to read.

how to change font on blogger [Blogspot] Blog
The content text is difficult to read and does not provide good UI. If your content cannot be read, your blog visitors will not be able to spend time posting articles on your blog. So, you can Customize, change Color, increase the font size of your blog post to make the text easier to read and set the custom font style.
Some Popular Font Family :
Below are some popular font family from W3Schools you can use if you don’t want to use font family that On code.
Generic Font Family Examples of Font Names
Serif Times New Roman
Sans-serif Arial
Monospace Courier New
Lucida Console
Cursive Brush Script MT
Lucida Handwriting
Fantasy Copperplate

How To Customize Blogger Font

  1. Login To Blogger Blog.
  2. Go To Theme.
    how to change font on blogger [Blogspot] Blog

  3. Click To Edit HTML.
    how to change font on blogger [Blogspot] Blog

  4. Find </b:skin> Tag.
  5. Paste Below Code Before it.

    .post-body {font-style: oblique;font-family: sans-serif; padding: 0 20px; font-size: 18px;}

    how to change font on blogger [Blogspot] Blog

  6. Save The Template.
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How To Change Font Size In Blogger Post

If you want to Increase or decrease the font size of blogger post you just have to change it on code. Suppose You want to Increase Font Size 20px than Modified Code look like Below :

.post-body {font-style: oblique;font-family: sans-serif; padding: 0 20px; font-size: 18px;}

how to change font style in blogger

Many New Blogger Want to Change Font Style in Blogger It Also can be done by Modify the Given Code ;

.post-body {font-style: oblique;font-family: sans-serif; padding: 0 20px; font-size: 18px;background-color:powderblue;color:blue;text-align:center;}

Also you can search as many Font Style On Internet than apply to blog.

how to use google fonts in blogger

You can use any Google fonts in Blogger for it you need two Things :
1. Google fonts URL Link.
2. Info how to add it.
Let’s suppose you have google fonts URL Address like Below :,700

After it, you need to know how to add it on Blogger so it will start working.
You have to modify below code :

<link href=’add google font url‘ rel=’stylesheet’/>

In the red code line you have to replace with the Google font address then add it to Blogger Theme’s HTML before</head> tag.
After the modify code will look below :

<link href=’,700′ rel=’stylesheet’/>

Bottom Line :
I hope this post will help you and you are able to Customize the some Blogger font styles.
Maybe , if you are using Blogger custom Template these methods will not work. Don’t worry I Am Here.
For any queries and Help feel free to inform me.

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