How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

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What is Whatsapp – Voice Note

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What Is Whatsapp Broadcast?

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What Does Last Seen Mean on What App ?

One of the most popular services provided by whatsapp is a mobile version of its own web service. This allows the user to log on to their account, use their email provider’s function and read what has been sent to them through their cellular provider. However, this service also offers access to its own private … Read more

What is Archive in Whatsapp?

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What is Dp in Whatsapp?

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How Does Whatsapp Make Money?

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What Does DP Mean in Whatsapp?

Dated from the first year I have been using whatsapp on a regular basis. The question is “What does Dp mean in whatsapp?” D stands for delete, it is used to tell your contact that you want them to remove some of the messages that they have sent you. In other words you have removed … Read more