What Is a Line Graph

A line graph is a kind of chart that exhibits how a specific variable adjustments over time. The y-axis on a line graph represents the variable that’s being measured, whereas the x-axis represents time. Factors are plotted on the graph to symbolize the worth of the variable at completely different closing dates. A line is … Read more

What is CIBIL or Credit Score? How important? how to increase Read answers to all such questions

Credit Score Update: Nowadays, most of the employed or business people are faced with the term credit score or CIBIL score. It has become one of the most important things for loan or bank related work. Credit score is also called CIBIL score. The CIBIL score is recorded on the credit report. CIBIL Report is … Read more

What is Ransomware Attack and how you can be safe from Ransomware Attack know basic tips to follow virus attack

Recently there has been a major ransomware attack on the American IT company Kasia. Kaseya’s corporate network and at least 1000 companies using its software were targeted in this cyber attack. The Russian cybercrime group Revil is suspected of carrying out this cyber attack. In this, the hackers demanded $ 7 million in exchange for … Read more

What is Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme why should invest in 6 points and how to invest in SGB Schemes

New Delhi. Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Central Government (RBI) You have to buy cheap gold and earn profit (Cheap Gold) is going to give a chance. For this, on 28 February 2022 i.e.Monday, the 10th installment of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2022-22 (Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 10th Series) is being issued. … Read more