Facebook is bringing such a device that will listen to the words of the mind and put them on paper!

Yes, we are talking about an Augmented Reality ie AR device, which is being developed by social media giant Facebook as a Brain-Computer. According to the report of IANS, Facebook is working on a device that will read the words coming in a person’s mind and type them on the computer in the same way. … Read more

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Facebook and Google are making money from your choice, know how?

What do you like. What is the most important thing to you that you want to know what is the thing that is most important to you in your life. If anyone knows it best it’s yourself and so does every one of us. Just as every human’s DNA is different so do people’s likes … Read more

what is Pegasus spyware Meaning ? how it works and monitor your smartphone

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How to Check where your Aadhaar card misuse, Check Step by Step process

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How to download faug game from google play store for android mobile phones

There is good news for the frustrated mobile game lovers since PUBG was banned in India last year. The ‘FAU-G’ game has been launched in India on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day. On 26 January Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced its launch by sharing the video of FAU-G. He wrote that 20 percent of … Read more

How Much Money Does Mumbo Jumbo Really Make?

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