Facebook and Google are making money from your choice, know how?

What do you like. What is the most important thing to you that you want to know what is the thing that is most important to you in your life. If anyone knows it best it’s yourself and so does every one of us. Just as every human’s DNA is different so do people’s likes … Read more

5 Fast and Easy Facebook Post Ideas

The secret to raking in the Facebook traffic is to ensure you post engaging ideas on a regular basis. Research has shown that the best time to post is in the morning. There is something about waking up in the morning that stimulates your mind and body to start thinking and working. If you’re looking … Read more

How to login to facebook from your instagram account it is an easy process to follow share posts trick and tips

we know that Instagram And Facebook Both are the most popular social media platforms right now, where you stay connected with your friends, family and colleagues. Here you also share images, videos and text messages. As we know, Facebook bought Instagram a few years back and now both these companies come under the ownership of … Read more