What Is Launcher3 In Android smartphones?

We are sure many of our users are wondering what is launcher3 in Android. After using this program, we noticed that there were a lot of difference with the speed and efficiency of our cell phones compared to others. We also notice that the interface makes browsing more enjoyable than before. So, if you are … Read more

What Is Android Accessibility Suite?

Android Accessibility Suite consists of an assortment of accessibility services which allow individuals to use an Android mobile device with the assistance of a cellular switch or with only a pen click. Android Accessibility Suite comes with the following key services Android Accessibility Suite provides visual feedback, spoken, and vibrate to assist the visually impaired … Read more

What Is RCP Components On Android?

What is RCP (Really Conferencing Platform) for Android? It is an application development concept that helps you to develop and debug your Android applications quickly and conveniently. RCP Components framework helps you to write the source code easily with many extensions support by the framework itself. This enables you to develop and debug your Android … Read more

What Is App Stack For Android?

In the world of mobile applications development, one of the newest technologies being used today is something called “App Stack”. This is an abstraction layer that developers can use to separate their application logic and presentation logic from one another. This makes the application much more manageable because the logic will be separated into smaller … Read more

What Can I Do With A Rooted Android Phone?

“What can I do with a rooted Android device?” This is one of the most common questions users ask after purchasing an Android-based smart phone. The first question they want to answer is whether or not rooting their device is legal. While it’s true that there are officially-approved ways (and apps) to “unlock” an OS … Read more