Can We Make Money From Subdomain Blog

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If you ever dreamed of making money online or if you are doing it now, probably one thing that comes to your mind is passive income.

Subdomain blog is a place where people share their thoughts and ideas about any topic under the sun.
It’s easy to setup and even easier to monetize.
As long as there are advertisers, I’m sure there will be website owners who’d want their ads displayed on subdomain blog .

Can We Make Money From Subdomain Blog
If you’re wondering how much can you earn from subdomain blog , I’ll include some figures below which were gathered over the last 3 years.

A regular month has about 15 posts with 10 pageviews per post meaning 150 pageviews monthly.

With 20% ad-sense revenue ($3), this would generate a whopping $1.5 monthly from adsense alone .
This is only the site’s draw.
I also run a forum which has much more traffic and can generate as high as 50% ad-sense revenue ($7) for a regular month, making my total earnings from subdomain blog to be as high as $8.5 per month !

It appears that those figures are good enough reason for many people to start their own subdomain blog right now!

In fact, there are currently lots of active blogs under the directory.
Please keep in mind however, that this figure is not fixed and may fluctuate every so often depending on advertisement rates and other conditions especially during economic slowdowns or depressions.

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The question now is, how much can you earn from subdomain blog ? I’d like to share some ideas and tips which may help you get started (and keep going) or get even better results.

Things to consider before registering your own subdomain blog:

You should also familiarize yourself with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).
For example, the first 2 posts in my section were recently made on different dates but they appear consecutively because I did proper SEO preparations .
Subdomain blog doesn’t require that much work as long as there are fresh and quality content.

2. How popular is your chosen topic?

There are lots of subdomain blog topics out there but only a few would really work well.
I’d stick to topics which you know about and have an interest in.

you don’t, try looking for similar Subdomain blogs near you or those with the same niche as yours so that you can see their traffic statistics.

If it’s high, there might be a good chance for your own blog to rank high as well especially if you use proper SEO tactics .

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3. Will it generate passive or active income?

Passive income is always better because it leaves almost no room for mistakes unlike income from an active source that relies your direct involvement and attention at all times.

It’s always better to let your site/blog do the work by itself without you worrying about it.

4. How will this affect your current income?

If you are already earning from another source, would setting up another one really help or make things worse ? Would you have enough time for both? Would there be any conflicts in terms of advertising content, topics etc.?

If you are not earning at all yet, then it might be a good idea since you don’t really lose anything.

Once again however, these figures may vary depending on your location or other conditions that may arise anytime .
I’d say try it yourself and see if there is potential.

5. What content management system should I use?

There are lots of content management systems (CMS) out there and I’ve tried most of them.
Some are good but not free while others offer free services but with limited features.

For these reasons, it’s best for you to choose a CMS that suits your needs and budget .

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Now that we’re done discussing the “should I?”, let’s go to the next step; How?

How can I earn from Subdomain blog ?

1.Adsense is hands down the easiest way to make money from my experience.
You can add ads in various ways such as pop-ups, floating ads, sidebars etc.,
though my personal preference is sidebars for its easy integration and ability to fit almost all templates .
Just remember not to overload your site with ads.
2. Get yourself a web development or blogging service and offer to put ads on their blog/s .
If you’re really good at promoting, you can start your own blog and try to generate traffic (and profit) from that .
3. Sell ad space – This is probably the hardest method because it involves much work including promotion and convincing which will take time and effort.
It’s also much riskier than opting for Adsense .
4. Affiliate marketing – There are lots of opportunities out there like Amazon, Shareasale etc., all you need to do is find the right products, promote them well and make sure they convert well.

5. Selling e-books or merchandise – You may even decide to do what I did and start selling print-ready e-book covers for authors who just want to self publish their work.

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There are lots of other possible products you can offer (e.g.
calendars, prints etc.)
6. Sell your posts outright – This is actually my latest source of income .
My Girlfriend decided to get herself a Subdomain blog since she also has some artworks to showcase but doesn’t have the time nor the patience required for standard blogging.

I’m helping her out with that by finding people who would like to buy individual posts/articles off her blog at $50 per post .
It’s not that hard if you know where to look or how to promote yourself properly .

Note: You may opt for more than one source of income .You can also improve your existing ones and expand.

The only problem with this is that it will take time and effort, so be patient and work hard for what you want .
Conclusion :
Lastly: Don’t lose hope.
Keep in mind all the reasons why you decided to do a Subdomain blog in the first place.
If it’s because you love blogging , then continue doing it even if nobody reads your posts at all! It’s still fun if you find your niche or topics that interest you because chances are , other people would share the same interests too .
I’ve been blogging since 2010 and while I don’t make any money from it yet (that’s going to change soon), I’m still enjoying myself which is why I’m writing this post for you.

I hope you enjoyed the article and I certainly thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me…

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