Can We Get Adsense Approval On Spin Article Blog

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Getting Google Adsense Approval on Spinch article blog is not big deal.

First of all you need to have a well performing blog, satisfying readers with your content and regularly posting new articles.

If everything goes fine, then after few weeks or months, you can apply for an Adsense account in no time.

Can We Get Adsense Approval On Spin Article Blog

Most of the bloggers are confused about what steps required to get Adsense approval on their spin article blog .

The blogger who have never applied for adsense before might face several issues while filling out the application form which makes them irritating and they finally close their process without getting adsense account.

Here are some important points that should be kept in mind when applying for an adsense account:

#1) Content Quality

The first thing that the Google Adsense team look up to while reviewing your application is content quality.

You should try to maintain a good quality website which contains only interesting and informative articles.

Avoid publishing an article with spun contents because it can get you banned from adsense program in process, so always check the Spin function before hitting the publish button on your blog.

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#2) Age of Blog

It plays a very important role in deciding whether you would be approved or not by ad sense .

The blog’s age should be at least 1 month old that holds good number of original articles without using any kind of spam technique or hidden text or links which can bring bad impact on your site traffic and revenue numbers.

#3) Number of pages, posts and visitors

You should keep in mind that the more number of pages you have on your blog, then there are chances to get wider traffic.

The user friendly interface is always appreciated by Google adsense so try to create an easy user experience which would bring more traffic and income for you.

Also having a high number of posts and visitors can boost your ad revenue so it also important to maintain this two thing as well.

#4) Page layout design

The most important factor that decides whether you will receive adsense approval is page layout design .

Try to focus on fast loading articles with proper navigation support because these things play a vital role in getting higher rankings on search engines.


modern website designs are also approved by Google adsense but designing old school websites are also not a big deal.

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#5) Keyword-rich content

Make sure to keep your articles on topic with proper keyword density in between articles which can help you get higher rankings on search engines.

Also, make use of some article rewriting tool like spin articles if your article is made of less number of words then it won’t be approved by adsense team because short contents are usually considered as spam by them.

So always try to write minimum 500 word long contents that are SEO friendly and attract more visitors towards your blog.

1) Always check the Spam Score of your website using SEOToolSpy .

It will give you an idea about how many backlinks or bad links are pointing towards your website or blog which can impact your adsense revenue negatively.

2) You should try to get more original and high quality backlinks from reddit, Facebook and Twitter profiles which will give a boost to your website SEO and thus you can increase traffic towards your site.

3) Make sure that the Adsense code is not under blocked by webmasters because blocking ad codes of other websites can create bad impact on your blog’s reputation and ranking on search engines.

Always use unique content related with adsense for publishing them on your blog or website so that visitors don’t feel irritated while reading it.

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#6) Technical factors

After filling up all the above stuff in application form, check if all the technical factors are matching with Google’s terms and conditions list.

In technical section, check if your website is mobile friendly because Google has recently updated his terms with mobile friendliness factor so it will be better to have a responsive or mobile friendly layout design.

Also, make sure you have not violated any copyright stuff of Adsense team because violating copy rights can create bad impact on your blog traffic and income.

Always check the articles before publishing them on your site so that there are no spammy links or hidden texts exist in between them.

#7) Content type

Last but not least, content type matters a lot when applying for a new adsense account .

Try to publish only informative and unique contents that helps visitors to find the right solution for their queries.

Make use of some article rewriting software like Spin Articles if your article is not informative and unique enough.

So these are the 7 major tips to get adsense approval on a new blog or website quickly .

Just make sure to follow them religiously and you will easily get Google adsense approval within few days if not hours.

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So keep your blogs clean, spam free and quality oriented that can help you grab higher click through rates from visitors as well as publishers.

That’s all for today but stay connected with us to read more such helpful posts in future too.

And wait for at least 4-14 days after submitting a request because it usually takes about this much time to receive an email from Adsense team regarding adsense approval on a new website /blog even though have been submitted before.

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