Business opportunities start this digital business 50k earn 1 crore rupees per month

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If you are fed up with your job life.

Now someone wants to fly a long flight.

If you want to give wings to your dreams, but for some reason are unable to take the steps out, then we are giving you such a business idea, where you can give big shape to your dreams.

Business opportunities start this digital business 50k earn 1 crore rupees per month

Yes… If you are not able to start a good business due to lack of money, then you are giving you the idea of ​​doing a business where you will easily earn crores of rupees every month by investing a small amount.

can start business from home

This is the business of Online Hoardings Business.

You can start this work sitting at home.

There is no special need of space in this.

You can start this in a room also.

Online business ideas are growing rapidly since the Corona period, so this option can be useful to you.

Sharma started this online hoardings business in the year 2016 by investing only Rs 50,000.

From the very next year, Deepti started earning Rs 12 crore.

The turnover of the company exceeded 20 crores in one year.

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Know how to start?

If you have good knowledge of graphics, designing and computer, then you can start the work of making digital hoardings i.e.

online hoardings sitting at home.

In the initial phase, you can take orders by telling your skills on many different sites available on the online platform like or upwork etc.

For this you have to register yourself on these portals.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also take online orders from people by giving information about making digital hoardings on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

This business is growing rapidly.

Because every day people want to advertise from home.

Know how to earn?

Deepti told that her company charges around Rs 1 lakh for getting hoardings installed for a period of one month.

At the same time, in high profile locations of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, up to Rs 10 lakh can be found for putting up a hoarding for a long time.

In such a situation, if you get orders for even 10 hoardings in a month, then you can earn up to Rs 1 crore.

In the festive season, sometimes 10-12 hoardings orders are received in a month.

In such a situation, you can earn big money through this business.

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