Book Blog Post Ideas – How to Pick Out Your Favorite Books

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Book Blogging can be a lot of fun, but not everybody likes to just read the book blog posts on a regular basis.

That’s okay though, because there are other interesting book blog post ideas out there for you to enjoy as well.

First and foremost, if you haven’t already started a book blog, get started. Here’s a quick list of book blog post ideas to get you started.

book blog post ideas

A book blog post idea that’s very popular is book club subscriptions.

Sign up for a couple of the best ones, such as the Associated Content or Biz, and you’ll be able to combine your subscription with exclusive offers,

and discounts, from your favourite authors. This can be a great way to support your favourite authors,

and a great way to build up your personal library of great reading material! A book club also allows you to get a group of people together who love reading different kinds of books,

and getting together to discuss reading experiences and share tips. You can learn a lot from fellow book lovers in this setting.

Have you heard about book blogging before? It’s kind of like blogging, only it’s much more enjoyable.

Many bloggers use book blogging as an outlet to talk about their favourite things, while earning money through advertising revenue.

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You can also earn money through affiliate sales, by providing links to other sites that you think your readers will find interesting.

The best part is, you never have to worry about actually writing the articles, and the content can come from any source you want.

And all you need to do is get the book descriptions right, so that your readers will know where to go for the information they’re looking for.

A great book-blog post ideas is based around book-themed events.

For instance, if your child loves the Twilight series by the British author, then you could write a post on what book can be bought with Twilight coupons, or suggestions for reading groups that discuss the series.

The same holds true if your child enjoys reading historical romance, or science fiction.

In addition to book blog post ideas about book-related reading material, think out plenty of good book-themed puns. Think about the titles your kids might ask for their favourite candy or snack, and write posts about these titles.


can even think out ways to incorporate some of the words into your regular speech! How about asking your guests to tell you about the favourite book they’ve read recently?

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Or maybe you could give away book reviews, and use puns to help your guests understand the reviews.

The thing is, people who enjoy reading popular books are more likely to enjoy reading your blog posts! Take this to mind when you are writing book blog post ideas.

What popular books have you or your child read in the past? Did you enjoy reading these stories? If not, maybe it’s because you didn’t think they were that great, or you didn’t know how to start reading them.

If you’re new to blogging, one of the best book blog post ideas is to look around at some of the most popular blogs in your niche and see what interests them.

Most people don’t like to read very much content from other people, as they feel as though other people are stealing their ideas.

However, when you are reading what other people are reading, you get a lot of inspiration from it! This is why it’s so important to choose your own blogging topic.

Choose a book blog post idea that has already been written, and then read it!

When you choose to start reading what other bloggers have written, you’re giving yourself another huge leg-up on the competition.

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Everyone knows that reading what other bloggers have written already makes it easier to write your own blog posts, too. There are many bloggers who make all their money from the advertisements on their blogs,

and this is a huge asset to those who are trying to build up an actual readership. There is plenty of material out there for you to learn from,

and it never hurts to look into what others are doing.

Once you become more experienced with blogging, you may even be able to come up with your own book blog post ideas from what other bloggers are reading.

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