Blogging Vs Journalism – Major Diffrent To Understand

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“There is now a global network of citizen journalists, ordinary people who have cameras and can upload photos or short video clips.”

Sheryl WuDunn , New York Times

it’ button on blogs all over the world. Why? In order to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, knowledge or evidence about any given topic with anyone in the world that cares to read their posts.

Blogging Vs Journalism

Bloggers are making a conscious decision not to follow journalistic principles; instead they make use of the freedom available to them by writing blog entries as if they were diary entries.

“Many journalists have begun to blog. varying from news on their main blogs to further analysis or interpretation.” – Wikipedia

Journalism vs. Blogging: A Short Comparison

In today’s journalism field, there is a huge power struggle between bloggers and traditional journalist.

At first glance it appears that bloggers are posing a great threat to traditional journalisms credibility because they report information online as well as any other journalist would.

However, some people say that bloggers are very useful in the sense that they keep journalists accountable for their work and actions. The following is a small description of what exactly journalism is, how it got started to be such a reputable news source, and finally how blogging has come into power today.

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Journalism: What It Is Basically

Although many people put blogs and journalism together as one entity, there are differences that separate these two forms of writing from each other.

In comparison journalism only reports on facts without putting much emotion into themAll entrepreneurs have had this experience. They have created something cool but no one knows about it.

In today’s world, you have to be proactive in getting your news out. You need to make people aware of what you are doing or they will simply not know. It might sound simple, but it is a very valuable lesson.

The first thing we did after creating the site was to start putting up links on other blogs that had similar content while adding links back to our page wherever possibleYou wouldn’t believe what a difference being linked from other major sites makes.

I’ve seen traffic steadily increase each week since linking up with other high quality sites that have more targeted audiences than ours doMedia attention brings credibility and credibility brings customers .

Origins of Journalism

In 1660, the first journalist wrote about a rocket going into a cloud. The journalist wrote that a “flying trumpet” went into the clouds and it was as clear as day. Although this is not exactly “journalism” in today’s standards, this journalist did report something that he/she had witnessed.

The Yellow Book is credited with being the first general interest publication of essays issued weekly in an annotated magazine format ~ Wikipedia .

The biggest revolution to happen to journalism recently was on September 11th 2001.

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After this major event, many people questioned how reliable their sources were for information, they weren’t sure if what they were reading from journalists could be true or falseJournalists have an obligation to provide news without bias and opinion.

This type of reporting has become increasingly difficult in our current media environment , and that is why bloggers have come into power more than ever before.

Power of Blogs

The traditional definition of blogging is “a website or webpage on which a user regularly posts original content in the form of essays, reports, commentary, and journals.” However this definition has changed since blogging entered our mainstream society.

Now we see three categories of blogs: personal, group oriented, or for business purposes.

Personal blogs are more like diaries where people post their feelings about something that just happened to them and how they feel about it in general. Group blogs give the opportunity for readers to contribute their opinions on certain topics.

Business blogs are meant to draw more attention and get people interested in a product or serviceBusiness blogs offer interesting perspectives from a variety of sources. A blog presents information that is easy to find and digest because it is arranged chronologically .

Journalists do not like being challenged or questioned about what they write because they want to keep their reputation high in society, so when bloggers call them out on something, most journalists have no choice but answer the challenge with proofThe unique characteristic of blogging as an online medium is user participation .

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Some might say this can be considered helpful or hurtful; however bloggers will always feel compelled to comment on something if they believe it needs changing, even though it may come off as hurtful to some.

The Future

Now that bloggers have “taken over”, journalists need to step up their game and provide the citizens with something they want to read — news, not opinionsIf that opinion is positive or negative about a certain situation, it has potential to be moved into the facts category.

Instead of telling readers what’s going on in society, journalists should let them know and allow the audience themselves draw conclusions .

“Time was when newspapers hired reporters whose beat included every corner of their community — its politics, commerce, schools and crime–and those reporters were expected to find out everything happening there and be there in person to cover breaking news.” – David Carr

Even though blogging is a relatively new form of journalism, there are still many people who believe that it isn’t real journalism — just opinions and useless information to fill up space.

The main purpose of journalism is to report the news in order to provide information to citizens about what’s going on in their city or state so they can make educated decisions based off what they know.

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Sometimes this includes reporting on a story that seems unimportant to the general public but is actually very significant for many people; however, the subjects of those stories are not always as popular as they could be if reported by blogs.

Blog’s can be lacking in credibility sometimes because individuals may have a different motive behind their writing than traditional journalists do with their work — some bloggers just want to get famous and enjoy being the center of attention.


As we continue into the digital age, blogs and traditional journalism will coexist with each other as long as there are bloggers who want to be heard and newspapers that need content for their stories.

Bloggers will have to work harder if they wish to remain credible while journalists must adapt to the changing world by producing more relevant content for readers.

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