Blogger Reading List (Ultimate Guide)

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Hello Friends , In This Post I Will Give You Detailed Information About Blogger Reading List.

If You Are New Blogger In Google Blogger I Sure You Don’t Know About This Section.

This Section Is Not Nessesary to know but if You Want To be A Professional Blogger Using Google Blogger Platform You Should Know About This.

What is Blogger Reading List Section

Basically , Reading List a section for add blogs to follow.
Using Reading List Section You Can Add Blog’s And Can Follow Easily.
You just have to know about Blog’s URL address.

Why You Should Add Blog’s To Reading List

You Know What Is Reading List but why Should You use it.
Why You Should Use Reading List For Adding Blogs.
1. You can Follow Your Favourite Blog’s.
2. Read Posts Of Your Added Blogs.
3. Get latest Post of blogs.

how to add blogs to Follow in blogger reading list

Now , You Know Something About Blogger Reading List Let’s know How can we add blogs to blogger reading list.
  1. Sign in to Google Blogger.
  2. In The Top Left Menu Click.
  3. Click on Reading List.
  4. Now , Click Reading List Options Button.
  5. Again , Click pencil Icon.
  6. Click To Add
  7. Enter A Blog URL You Want To Follow (if You Want To Add More Blogs Click add Another)
  8. After Entering URL Address Click Next.
  9. You See Some Following Options. Click First If You Want to follow public or click second option for follow Anonymously Follow.
  10. In Last , Click To Follow Button.
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How To Change Following Options in Reading List Added Blogs

Do You Want To change Following Options Publicly To Anonymously Or Anonymously to Publicly in Added Blogs From Reading List.
Follow Below Steps To Do This 👇
  1. Click to Reading List.
  2. Now , Click To Reading List Options Button.
  3. Click Pencil Icon.
  4. If You Follow Anonymously You See change to public click on it.
  5. If You Follow Publicly You See Change To Anonymous click on it.

how to remove blogs from blogger reading list

Now , You Know How To Add Blog’s to Reading List.
It’s Time To Know How Can We Delete Or Remove a Blog Or Blogs From Blogger Reading List.
  1. Go to blogger dashboard.
  2. Click to reading list.
  3. You will see blogs that you added to follow.
  4. Click To Reading List Options Button.
  5. Click Pencil Icon.
  6. You see Blogs List That You Added here.
  7. Click On Delete Icon.
  8. Your Blog will delete immediately.
Wrapping Up :
I hope You Understand Everything About Blogger Reading List.
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