Difference Between Blogger Pages & Post

I saw that very often new blogger users are confused between post and pages in Blogger.

New users don’t know when to use post or pages?

There is no difference between the two types of content.

Difference Between Blogger Pages & Post

It’s just another post like article with different section for describing your content.

When to use posts ?

New user generally creates their account on blogger by using their personal Gmail account .

They share some information about themselves like profile, interests etc.

which is shared publicly so other bloggers can view it and leave comments on it if they wish to do so.

So this type of content should be posted rather than created as a page filled with outbound links within your blog.

So when you create your blog, initially you might want to fill it with information about yourself.

Then you will want to add other content like your interests, favorite things, videos etc.

If this is the case then it should be a post rather than a page.

You can use post to create the following type of blog content:

Content describing yourself or your personal life Content that needs images or videos.

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You might want to write about random thoughts or stories which are not related to particular topic so here also posts work.

When to use pages ?

Pages should be used for these types of blog content:

1. Outbound links related to topics in your niche Links back from where people came from (Related posts, archives).

Other static information that doesn’t need pictures and text but just pure text and hyperlinks only.

2. Most of new bloggers confuse that they should publish more than one post on their home page or new blog because there are no option like “create new pages” .

This is however not necessary and your home page will soon be filled with too posts if you do so.

So ,

what is the difference between post and pages in blogger?

1. You can have unlimited post but you are restricted to one page only.

2. One page hold several posts but, many posts makes one page.

3. If your main reason for having more than one post on your home page is because you don’t want to write a long post at once, then it is better not to publish any of them on your home page rather publish them as individual pages.

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This way both of them will individually appear in search results and the excess part of the main blog will remain free from clutter.

4. You should go for option ” new pages” if you want separate blog other than your main blog.

Conclusion :

In short, if you want several short post on your home page , go for “create new posts” and if you want a separate blog that is to be included in search results without being a part of main blogger blog, then go for ” create new pages”.

The above explanation should clear your doubts about the difference between post and pages in blogger.

If still there are some confusions please share with me through comments section below.

I will get back to you as soon as possible .

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