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When you desire to write more often, you should develop new blog ideas for writers and consider your readership.

Your blogging personality should be distinct and reflect who you are, your interests and area of expertise.

Here are 11 blog ideas for writers to assist you to break through writer’s block. The first is that you must find a topic you are interested in writing about.

Whether it is a local store, music, art, travel, animals or religion, there is always something interesting to you or your fellow bloggers out there.

blog ideas for writers

The second is to determine your own writing style.

Do you write like an essay, like a newspaper column, like a book report, like a news report? Whatever your style, it’s important that you choose your blog ideas for writers based on your own style.

Your niche audience will want articles written by someone with your particular style and voice.

The third idea is to consider using social media. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are fantastic tools for finding and connecting with a targeted audience.

When you send out messages on these networking sites to your targeted audience, you can actually tell a story about your industry, share your expertise and provide insights and great content.

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This really well be the start of a long term relationship with many of the readers and some of your most loyal competitors as well.

Keywords are the next idea to consider when you are working on blog ideas for writers. Try using a keyword tool such as Wordtracker or Google AdWords to discover the most popular search terms on the web.

There are numerous social media sites that allow you to see the most popular keywords being searched on a daily basis. Try joining those as well.

One way is to join groups and forums on your industry that discuss topics related to your topic.

You may also want to consider guest blogging on other well known blogs. There are numerous reasons why guest posting on other well-established blogs can help you increase your blog’s exposure and audience.

Guest blogging enables you to build a network of followers that will in turn drive more traffic to your blog. This process can be an effective way to get backlinks to your blog as well.

Many bloggers find guest blogging a rewarding and effective way to build their reputation and authority.


on popular and trending topics is another excellent source for blog ideas for writers.

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There are several different types of blog topic generators that you can use to generate blog ideas for writers.

Some of them include topics based on a specific niche, such as health care, or based on an entire city, such as New York City. You can also find topic generators that look specifically at popular niches, including green housing, real estate, teen fashion, or food.

Article writing is also another great way to build a network of writers, attract readers, and generate more traffic to your website. Most blog posts are written with reference to another article,

usually someone else’s. While it may not seem like much of a benefit, writing quality articles can provide you with a number of backlinks.

In fact, the search engine spiders actually count these backlinks when determining a sites popularity.

In essence, when you write informative articles related to your niche, you’re inadvertently providing the perfect first blog post idea for new writers.

Regardless of the topic you’re interested in writing about, or whether it’s a new blog post idea or something you’ve already been doing for years, there are numerous other ways to revive old content. Use these techniques to your advantage to obtain more traffic and backlinks. Good Luck!

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