BGMI M9 RP Lock Time and M10 Unlock Time

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BGMI M9 RP Lock Time and M10 Unlock Time: BGMI C2S6 M10 Royale Pass launch Date & Time: here you’ll find the official date and time at which the C2S6 M10 Royale pass can be released.

Together with the BGMI C2S5 end date, and BGMI C2S6 launch date & time, you can also find other details about Royale pass Lock, BGMI M10 Royale pass release Date, and Time, Rank Push Closing Date.

BGMI New Emilia CharacterBGMI New Emilia Character

BGMI M9 RP Lock Time

C2S5 Last Date Of the Rank Push is 18th April. C2S5 RP Lock Date is 19th April (5.30 AM). C2S6 RP Release Date is 19th April (7.30 AM IST). C2S6 Tier reset 19th April 2022. C2S6 RP ends date 21 June 2022.

BGMI M9 RP Lock Time and M10 Unlock Time and Rewards

Inside the BGMI so many gamers want an exquisite inventory. So in BGMI royal pass is a great crease. So many players are bought the royal pass. Royal pass is getting through about 360 UC or 900 UC.

If you buy a royal pass then you also get the facilities of a royal pass. Then you will get new gun skins, helmet skins. Backpack skins, new emotes, car skins, and also new outfits, etc. You have to complete royal pass missions for getting royal pass rewards. So you play classic matches and full fill the mission and get rewards. You have to complete 1-50 RP in the royal pass for getting new skins and outfits.

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BGMI M10 Royal Pass Release DateBGMI M10 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI M9 RP Lock Time and M10 Unlock Time

The new season Cycle in Battlegrounds mobile India deviates from the previous education of having a single Royale skip valid for the complete season. Presently, every season in the game features two RPs.

Every month has an exceptional RP, which lets gamers earn greater rewards. The Month 9 Royale pass will expire on April 18th, inflicting the RP phase to be locked for numerous hours. The Month 10 Royale pass could be available on April 19 at 7.30 am IST.


BGMI Month 10 RP could be primarily based on the ‘Micro battle’ theme and had two editions: the Elite pass (360 UC) and the Elite pass Plus (960 UC). Players can be assigned several RP missions over the route of four weeks, so as to help them rank up RP tiers and achieve the special rewards contained inside them.

M10 Royal Pass Rewards 1-50 RP:

Pink Shelter Skorpion, Fluorescent Flash Cover, Pixel Bolt Backpack, Pink Shelter set, RP Avatar(M10), Raging Bomb ornament, Stomp Ground Emote, Monster Chef parachute (available for each player), Dream butterfly grenade, Casual Stroll Set ( available for both players), lush world plane finish, infernal chef, Blue Tint M164A (available for both players), graffiti wall AKM, Infernal chef cover, infernal chef set.

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What is the M10 Royal Pass Price:

Lovers are more thrilled with approximately M10 Royal pass than M7 Royal pass due to the fact it’s far stated to characteristic lots of incentives for a low charge to players. In step with leaked statistics, game enthusiasts might pay 360 UC for the Elite Royal pass, while the Elite pass Plus will cost the best 960 UC as from M1 RP.

Players will get hold of an additional gift certification worth 60 UC from Krafton no matter whether or not they buy an Elite Royal pass or Elite Royal pass Plus for free. In case you attain rank 30 at some point of this season, you’ll earn a 60 UC voucher that may be used to purchase M10 or the subsequent Royal pass, so as to be released on 19 April 2022.

You will get hold of a price tag for 60 UC if you buy the BGMI M10 Elite Royal pass and reach RP rank forty-seven or more. The UC earned can be used to purchase BGMI’s destiny Royal pass and maybe also used for crate commencing.

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