Best Free Fire Tournament Apps with Free Entry

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In this article, we will discuss the top 7 best applications to play Free Fire tournament in 2022.

In this list of applications, you can invite your friends and earn a certain amount which you can easily withdraw directly to your bank account.

Now, a question will arise in your mind: What are the benefits of playing tournaments for Free Fire through third-party applications.

The answer is simple if you want to earn some money just playing a game, then these applications will help you.

You can easily earn a certain amount of money by playing Free Fire tournaments using these apps.

With the help of these listed applications, you can earn real paytm cash just by playing free fire tournaments.

Read this article till the end to know about the applications.

Top 7 Free Fire Tournament Apps

Here is a list of top 7 best Free Fire tournament apps:

1.Gaming Adda

Gaming Haunt Free Fire Tournament App The first application on our list is Gaming Haunts.

Most of you must be aware of this app, or you will be familiar with this application because this application is one of the most famous applications to earn money by playing free fire tournaments.

Through this application, you can earn real paytm cash.

Plus, it’s not just for Free Fire tournaments, which means you can play BGMI tournaments here as well.

Also as I told you in the beginning that you can earn money by referring this application to your friends.

For this you will get a code, and you have to send this code to your friend and ask them to register in this application using your code.

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Then, whenever they register in that application using your code and join paid tournaments of any game, you will get Rs.10 as commission.

If you don’t want to play tournament, you can use the reference and earn option to earn some real paytm cash.

This application supports UPI, Bank and Paytm wallet as withdrawal option.

2.MyTournament App

MyTournament App In the list of Free Fire tournament apps, our second application is the MyTournament app.

MyTournament is an Indian application specially designed for arranging tournaments of various sports like BGMI, Free Fire and Clash Royale.

This free fire tournament app is similar to gaming haunt as it also offers tournaments where you can join quickly by paying some entry fee.


will mainly find matches from games like BGMI, Free Fire and Clash Royale.

If you are a free fire gamer then you can easily join any open tournament.

Simply by clicking on the Free Fire Tournament option and selecting the Join button.

Then whenever the game starts, you have to play, and if you win the game, you will get real cash as a reward.

You will be given a room ID and password to play the game.

Then, all you have to do is open your Free Fire application and add those IDs and passwords to join the tournament.

Here’s a guide on how to join a custom room.

3.Battle Zone E-Sports

Battle Zone eSports Tournament App Battle Zone App, also known as Battle Zone E-Sports App, is one of the most famous applications in India.

When we talk about earning money by playing games, Battle Zone is the first app that comes to our mind.

Battle Zone is also one of the most legitimate applications to earn money by playing games.

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Here you will find tons of great games that you can play and earn money.

Also, here you will find tournaments for Free Fire and other online games.

All you have to do is log in with your email, and all you have to do is enter any game tournament.

The timing of when the game will start will be given in the downside of the app.

This app also promotes referral and earning method.

Here also, you will get a referral code, and you have to send it to your friend and ask them to register using your referral code.

Whenever someone registers himself using your code, you will receive a certain amount.

You can easily withdraw that money to your Paytm account or directly transfer it to your bank account.

4.LetzGO Esports Tournament Platform

LetzGO Esports Tournament Platform The fourth application on our list is LetzGO, and it is a great platform to play Free Fire tournaments and earn money.

LetzGO is the most famous application for participating in tournaments of various online games like Free Fire and BGMI, which seems similar to Gaming Adda.

In this application you earn money in the form of coins.

The value of a coin is 1rs.

So you can earn in coins, and when it comes to withdraw, you can easily convert it into Rs.

The required amount you can withdraw through this application is 50 coins, which means you can withdraw a minimum of Rs.50.

5.Ultimate Battle Tournament App

Ultimate Battle Tournament App Ultimate Battle Free Fire is the most popular application to earn real money by playing tournaments.

This is a reliable application because most of the YouTubers who make online earning related videos have promoted this application.

Therefore, Ultimate Battle is a great online earning application.

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Here also you can participate in free fire tournaments and other online game tournaments.

Like other apps, here too you have to win games to earn money.

Ultimate Battle has the maximum number of tournaments held for Free Fire players, and only a few tournaments for BGMI players.

You can also earn money by referring the program through this application.

You can easily refer this application to your friends and earn money through it.

By referring this application to your friend, you can easily earn Rs.36 per person.

If you refer this application to ten of your friends, you can easily make 360rs.


router best free fire tournament app

Free Fire Tournament Apps List Winners
Router is one of the most amazing export applications.

Through the router app, you can easily earn money by participating in various tournaments.

Firstly, you can register through your email id, and then you can participate in the ongoing tournament.

In this application, if you want to withdraw your money, the minimum amount is 200rs.

This means that in your router account, you must have a balance of more than Rs 200, then only you can withdraw it.

You can easily withdraw your money with the help of Paytm UPI and bank account.

7.TrustTournament App

Truss Tournament App TrusTournament is a brand new application that offers free and paid tournaments of online games such as Free Fire, BGMI, and others.

Through this amazing application, you can also play free tournaments which will help you to enhance your gaming skills.

With the help of proper training you can participate in paid tournaments through which you can earn money.

Proper training increases your chances of earning money.

This application is best for all beginners as it helps to enhance their skills.

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The advantage of playing tournaments in this app is that you will get a bonus of Rs 15, and when you refer this application with your friends, you can earn an additional bonus through it.

Best Tournament App Reviews

FAQ – Free Fire Tournament Apps

How to Download Free Fire Tournament App?

Downloading a Free Fire Tournament app is easy, just click the link above in front of the tournament app’s name, and you’ll be redirected to the app’s official download page from where you can download it.

You can also download these apps from play store.

How to get free entry to matches in tournament app?

You can get free entry in matches by inviting your friends.

You can get a free access by entering someone else’s reference code when creating an account in the Tournament app.

Which is the best tournament app for Free Fire?

In our opinion, Router Free Fire is the best app to play tournaments and earn money online, as it is the most downloaded tournament app on the Google Play Store.

Also, this tournament app is very easy to use.


Free Fire tournaments are the best way to improve in-game skills and earn some money online.

But when it comes to finding a trustworthy Free Fire tournament app, everyone fails.

The reason behind this is that there are so many fake tournament apps on the internet, which claim to be real.

That’s why we have presented top 7 genuine free fire tournament apps in this article.

Which are:

  • gaming hub
  • MyTournament App
  • Battle Zone E-Sports
  • LetzGO Esports Tournament Platform
  • Ultimate Battle Tournament App
  • sprout
  • Truss Tournament App

With the help of the tournament app mentioned above, you can easily earn money by participating in some Free Fire online tournaments.

I hope you liked our today’s article.

If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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