Best character skill combinations in Free Fire

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Garena’s Free Fire is now trending in India.

Every Free Fire player wants to become a pro in Free Fire but without waiting skill combination is possible? The simple answer to this is no.

So here is the Best Character Skill Combination in Free Fire 2021 made just for you.

So let’s get started without wasting any time.

Why is skill combination important?

You can merge four-character skills using the character skill slot.

Now you’ll be able to use four characters’ skills in just one character.

It’s very important to merge the character’s skills according to how you play the game and how many characters you have.

If you don’t have any legend character then we will also give you free dj alok.

Best character skill combination in Free Fire 2021

So here is the most powerful character skill combination for Garena Free Fire 2020.

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You can easily access them by unlocking your character slots in Free Fire.

You can unlock the first character slot using 2000 Gold, the second character slot by using 5000 gold.

If you don’t have diamonds you can also unlock character slots using diamonds.

Unlock the first slot to add a variety of skills to a character.

DJ Alok + Joseph + KLA + Miguel

This is the best skill combination in Free Fire 2021 as this combination is for every type of player.

DJ Alok grows at a rate of 5 HP per second, which means you will get 50 HP, Joseph increases speed by 20% when damaged, and has the ability to increase Art Fist’s damage by 400%.

Miguel gives you an additional 80EP per kill.

So this is the best character combination for runners and aggressive players.

You can also use this combination for a factory roof fistfight.

Art + DJ Alok + Swift Kelly + Joseph

This is the best character combination to increase speed in Garena Free Fire.

Art increases fist damage, DJ Alok heals HP, Kelly, and Joseph both increase your movement speed by 25%.

This combination will help you fight the enemies faster.

Wukong + Moko + Miguel + A124

This skill combination is best for campers players in Free Fire.

Wukong helps you hide from enemies, Moco marks the location of enemies for his teammates.

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Helps the Miguel character get 80EP for each kill and converts A124 50EP to HP.

Moko + Art + DJ Alok + Olivia

If you love your teammates and Free Fire friends, this skill combination is made just for you.

Moko helps your teammates find enemies.


helps you to know the enemy in just a handful.

DJ Alok recover your teammates HP.

Olivia gives extra HP to your teammates, so if you revive your teammates they will be revived with an additional 40 HP.

Jay + Joseph + KLA + Miguel

Jai is a brand new character in Garena’s Free Fire.

You can use this combination to improve your close-range combat as it is the best character skill combination for close-range combat.

Knowing the opponent helps Jai get extra bullets.

Joseph increases movement speed in close range fights.

Kla helps to survive without guns and Miguel recovers our HP from time to time.

Alvaro + Joseph + Art + Hayato

This is the best character combination for Beginner and new Free Fire player.

Alvaro increases damage range by 10%, Joseph increases sprinting and movement speed by 20%, Kla increases fist damage by 400%, and Hayato increases armor penetration by 10%.

Best Free Fire Combinations Without Light

Raphael + Laura + Moko + Joseph

This is the best character skill combination for snipers in Free Fire.

Rafael Hide your gunshot location and work as a silencer for 8 seconds.

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The Laura character helps control recoil and increases accuracy by up to 30%.

Help Moko to tag the shot enemies for 5 seconds.

Joseph speeds up the movement.

DJ Alok + Laura + Maxim + Miguel

DJ Alok increases 50HP.

Helps Laura improve accuracy by up to 30 while Maxine helps eat and use MedKit 12% faster.

Helps Miguel gain 80Ep for each kill.

It is the best combination of character skills for both camper and rusher players.

Nikita + Andrew + Misha + Joseph

The Nikita helps the submachine gun reload 24% faster.

Helps protect the durability of the Andrew Vest.

Waste durability loss decreased by 12%.

Misha helps to increase the driving speed by 12%.

Joseph’s ability helps increase running speed and sprinting speed.

This combination is best for stater Free Fire players because all this character is available for free.

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DJ Alok + KLA + Miguel + A124

This is the most powerful character skill combination in Garena Free Fire 2021.

Dj Alok accelerates your movement speed and creates an auto of 5m which generates 5HP per second for 10 seconds that means DJ Alok provides you 50HP at its maximum level.

Art Increases Fist damage by 400% This means you can easily hit the enemy in 1 headshot or 2 body shots.

Helps Miguel get 80 apes for each kill at Max level.

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The A124 converts character 50 Ep to HP quickly.

so you can increase your health [HP] 100 without using medkit.

Most Free Fire players use this character skill combination.

How to Unlock Skill Slots in Free Fire.

Open Free Fire and click on the character.

Now select the character you want to use.

Now Click on Skill Slots Anywhere You Can’t Unlock Your First Skill Slots Only in 2000 Gold.

The second slot needs 5000 Gold and to unlock the third slot needs 15000 Gold, if you don’t have gold then unlock them using diamonds.

Use 2x Gold cards to multiply your gold.

Earn gold easily by playing rank mode in Garena Free Fire.

FAQ – Best Free Fire Skill Combinations

Best Free Fire Skill Combination for Factory Fistfight?

DJ Alok + Joseph + KLA + Miguel has the best skills of punching on the roof of the factory.

DJ Alok help to recover HP without medkits.

Joseph helps to increase the speed of movement.

Kla increases fist damage by 400% and Miguel increases 80EP for each kill.

How to Unlock All Free Fire Characters in Free 2021?

You can log in to Garena Free Fire daily.

Free Fire offers one free character every month but this is only possible if you log in daily.

Log in daily also helps to know about the latest happenings in Free Fire.

You can also comment on this article to get 499 diamonds and DJ Alok free.

How to Add Multiple Skills to a Character Free Fire

You can create character skill combinations by unlocking character skill slots with 2000 gold.

In Free Fire you can add up to three additional skills to any character.

Character combinations are very helpful to win buoy in Garena Free Fire 2021.

Character skill combinations also help increase movement speed in Free Fire.

thank you so much.

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