Department of Posts has started BPC service for all Mail Offices/RMS Offices.

Do you know what is BPC for RMS offices.

What does BCP stand for Post Office.

What is RMS Office BCP Process.

How to process BCP in post offices of India Post.

Today I am going to share all the information regarding BCP of postal offices.

So read this post till the end to know the BPC procedure for Postal Offices/RMS Offices.

What is the BCP of Post Offices?

First of all I want to tell that what is the full form of BCP in postal offices? India Post.

The full form of BPC is Business Continuity Plan.

As we know, there are times during the SAP maintenance process that SAP does not run/does not work.

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Sometimes internet is not working in mail office or RMS office.

At this time, work in RMS Office Excel or Notepad.

But they have no option to upload this data to SAP.

now what CEPT BPC (Business Continuity Plan for All Mail Offices in India) has been launched.

As per BCP, mail offices can upload data to SAP IPVS when SAP is started.

Role for BCP – Who Can Upload Excel Files

Users should have the role of IPVS Operator (YS: MOIPVS_OPRATOR) to upload excel files to SAP created as per BCP.

If the user does not have this role, you can give the role of IPVS Operator in the IM Portal through RDA ID.

The T-code ZIPVS_BCP must be used to perform the BCP process.

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Standard Operating Procedures – Business Continuity Plan for the Mail Office

SOP of BCP for Mail Offices or RMS Offices-

As per CEPT, all mail offices working under Department of Posts should follow BCP in case SAP IPVS is non-functional due to any reason.

IPVS is an online solution and hence 100% availability at the central server level is required for conducting mail office operations.

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In case of any scheduled/sudden downtime of the solution, the activities in the mail offices are being done manually and these operations are not coming into the system, thus further impacting the IT services including tracking/reports etc.

To ensure zero percent loss of proprietary data in such scenarios, a business continuity plan has been put in place.
In this process, mail offices have to generate excel file in prescribed format for basic functions like bag receipt, bag open, bag close and bag dispatch and upload it through option given in IPVS solution.

Excel files with data:

Whenever the centralized BCP is notified, the mail offices are required to create two excel files in the prescribed format.
For bag level events an excel file is to be created which should contain all the bag receipt and bag dispatch transactions.

The second excel file is to be created for article level events which should include bag open and bag close transactions.

Creating the bag data file:

This file should contain all bag receipts and bag dispatch schedules.

Its format is as follows-

Once the bag level data is entered in the above format, the file has to be saved in the format ,,xlsx.
The datetime field has to be represented with yyyymmddhhmm.
For example: SP21308000 650_GEN 1_202109141100.xlsx.

Create article data file for:

This file should include all bag open and bag close events and is in the following format:
BCP (Step by Step SOP) for RMS Offices (Mail Offices) of India Post
Once the article level data is entered in the above format, the file has to be saved as
In format of ,,xlsx.
The datetime field has to be represented with yyyymmddhhmm.
For example: SP21308000650_GEN 1_202109141100.xlsx.

Description of Basic Abbreviations in BCP for Post Offices

bag type


Parcel Bag- PP


Register Bag- RP


Speed ​​Post Bag- SP

bag position


Bag Receipt- RD


Bag Open – OP


Bag Close- CL


Bag Dispatch- DI

article type


Registered Letter (lncl. Insured & VP)-Letter


Registered Parcels (Including Insured & VP) – Parcels


Speed ​​Post Letter- SP_INLAND


Speed ​​Post Parcel- SP_INLAND_PARCEL


Business Parcel- BUSINESS_PARCEL


International EMS Document- FGN_SP_DOCUMENT


International EMS Merchandise – FGN_SP_MERCHANDISE


International Registered Letter-FGN_LETTER


International Registered Parcel- FGN_AIR_PARCEL

how to upload excel file in sap ipvs

After creation of above two excel files as per guideline, we can upload these excel files to SAP when SAP is after maintenance.
After login to SAP ECP enter T-code ZIPVS_BCP.
Select the file type to upload whether the bag is received/dispatched or the bag is open/closed.
Once the files are uploaded, the data will be stored in SAP for further processing/reporting/tracking etc.

BCP’s SOP for Mail Office in PDF File

click here to download