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The BajanCanadian make money online by posting humorous videos and interacting with his followers. His channel is active since 2010-03-03, and he earns $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

According to Forbes, his subscribers number 5,760,000 and he makes $ 153K annually. However, you should be cautious of BajanCanadian’s income because of the rumours surrounding him.

Bajancanadian make

The Bajan Canadian’s rise to fame was linked to his YouTube channel, which has 5.78 million subscribers.

However, in early 2022, he ceased uploading new videos, turned off social media, and suddenly disappeared from the web. That was an unexpected move, considering that he had thousands of videos with millions of views.

But his fans did not lose hope – he continues to create and post content on his channel.

A Canadian gamer, Mitch Hughes, started his YouTube channel under the name JeromeASF. In November 2014, he announced the release of his official BajanCanadian jacket.

In July of that same year, his videos reached a billion views. In addition, he called Jennifer Lawrence his “wife.” The BajanCanadian makes millions of subscribers on his channel. In addition to being a popular video game commentator, he has gained a large audience, and has become a YouTube sensation.

Besides being a YouTube star, Mitch Hughes is also a social media personality and a video gamer. He has a YouTube channel with 5.78 million subscribers.

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However, in late 2018, he stopped uploading new videos and switched all his videos to “unlisted” status. Additionally, he stopped using social media. As a result, he disappeared from the internet, but not before hundreds of YouTube subscribers became obsessed with his videos.

The BajanCanadian make youtube channel was launched by Mitch Hughes, a 25-year-old Canadian who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. In his videos, he discusses video games and has millions of subscribers. His videos are entertaining, and he calls Jennifer Lawrence his “wife”.

The popularity of the videos has led to the emergence of a bajancanadian YouTube channel on YouTube.

The BajanCanadian make youtube channel is an excellent source of video games. He is the founder of a BajanCanadian channel and has over 5 million subscribers. He is also a successful social media personality. In fact, he is so popular on YouTube that he is already able to make money through a YouTube subscription.

So, don’t miss out on his videos and become a subscriber. The BajanCanadian will keep you updated on his new releases and will keep you entertained throughout the day.


of the most popular BajanCanadian YouTube channels, JeromeASF, has a dedicated following of 5.78 million subscribers. In July 2014, Mitch announced that he was designing an official BajanCanadian shirt.

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In addition to his YouTube channel, he is an active member of YouTube All-Stars. His videos have more than 5 million subscribers. The content is entertaining, and the channel has a dedicated fan base.

Mitch Hughes is a 25-year-old Canadian gamer and social media personality who made his YouTube channel popular by playing the Hunger Games. His videos were viewed by millions of people. But recently, he stopped uploading videos.

In early 2022, he changed all of his videos from public to private. Suddenly, he disappeared from the internet. Despite his success on YouTube, the BajanCanadian’s YouTube channel has been down for a while, but he has been back.

In addition to being a YouTube personality, Mitch Hughes is a gamer. He works on his YouTube channel as BajanCanadian. He has over five million subscribers and has a loyal fan base. His videos have also gone viral on social media.

In July 2014, he became the first BajanCanadian to hit one billion views. As a gamer, he is a YouTube sensation.

The YouTuber’s channel has become a popular place for Canadians. The Bajan Canadian’s popularity has spread beyond YouTube. Mitch Hughes has earned over five million subscribers and has a total of 57 million subscribers.

He has a large fan base that consists of women who love the outdoors, music, and Minecraft. He has an extensive collection of videos on his channel, so he can easily make a living from his YouTube career.

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