Blogger Templates Come With Automatic Table Of Contents

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It is essential that the blog should look professional.

The blog templates are designed for this purpose.

However, it takes time before one can realize the best template suitable for his blog site.

Blogger Templates Come With Automatic Table Of Contents

This is why you need to take time and find an ideal blogger template that has an automatic table of contents feature or what other people call as ATOC or TOC .

What is Table of Contents

A table of contents (ToC) or contents/TOC (abbreviations for “Contents” and “Table Of Contents”) is a list of links usually found at the top or bottom of a document, such as a chapter in an edited book or one issue of a magazine, listing its headings and sub-headings to make it easier to navigate around.

The ATOC will make your blog more organized and its contents are displayed in a hierarchical order.

It also gives them a feel of visiting a professional blog site like those we see on magazines and newspapers.

Benefits of Table of Contents

This method has been proven effective in giving rank and authority to blogger websites and is one of the most frequently added features for many blogs today.

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With this, you are now able to know the importance of having an automatic table of contents Blogger templates.

This will make your blog more organized and its contents are displayed in a hierarchical order. There are different versions of this feature which makes your life easier because it gives you variety.

It’s no longer difficult to decide on what template you should use for your current needs because there is an endless supply available right here for free.

So start looking and enjoy blogging!

Blogger Templates That Come With Automatic Table Of Contents

Below are some blogger templates that provide automatic TOC and fit in the place that were decided in code.
Choose the best one for your blog.

Median Ui Blogger Template

Median ui is a first blogger template that come with automatic TOC it show table of Contents authomtically in the right side of the post.
This template get post heading and subheading data and show in the table of contents as drop down..

Fitrah Press Blogger Template

If you familiar with Wikipedia you know that Wikipedia articles show a very professional table of contents.
Blogger template provide automatic TOC like Wikipedia.
This template show table of contents randomly place to your post Content but before first heading or subheading..
Also it is a one page Blogger template that come without sidebar .
If you want to add footer sectio you have to add manually because it come without footer menu’s..

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