Why Does My Poop Smell Like Metal?

When your poop doesn’t smell like it normally does, it can be alarming, especially if you aren’t sure why it’s happening. This can be even more worrying if your feces has a metallic odor to it, because that’s not something you hear about every day or expect to happen at all. When this occurs, you … Read more

How to Dunk in 2k22: A Guide

Catching up with some friends over the weekend, I was challenged to an old-fashioned basketball game by one of them. Despite being an avid basketball player and practicing daily at my local gym, I had to decline due to my inability to dunk in 2k22—something that had always been a sore spot for me as … Read more

how to install driver and rd service in computer

RD service should be installed for connecting finger print machines in the computer. Here I will provide step by step procedure to install Driver & RD Service. RD service and driver installation process To download RD service open the browser and type the following line http://www.acpl.in.net/RdService.html? Go to the folder where the two files are … Read more

Saville MS Website

Kailani rips his frog during Camp Seville 2021. Archery shooting completed during Camp Saville 2021 During Camp Saville 2021, Connor learns about printmaking from Ms. MJ. Artwork and various creations created by college students from Camp Saville 2021’s “Artistic Genius” and “Pinterest Influenced” lessons. James and the Large Frog during Camp Saville 2021. Nathaniel shares … Read more

Facebook is bringing such a device that will listen to the words of the mind and put them on paper!

Yes, we are talking about an Augmented Reality ie AR device, which is being developed by social media giant Facebook as a Brain-Computer. According to the report of IANS, Facebook is working on a device that will read the words coming in a person’s mind and type them on the computer in the same way. … Read more

Make Money from Blogging: You can earn money by writing a blog, follow these 5 great tips

How to make money from blogging : The world of internet is huge. Here we can not only gain immense knowledge, but here we can also earn money sitting at home. In today’s time, there are many websites that pay money to publish sponsored content on the blog. Apart from this, if you have a … Read more

What does FYTB mean ?

If you’ve been watching the Olympics or following social media, you’ve probably heard the abbreviation F.Y.T.B or seen it trending on Twitter and Facebook. What does F.Y.T.B mean? An acronym for ‘Follow Your True Bliss’ it’s a term coined by Joseph Campbell in his 1987 book of lectures and interviews, ‘The Power of Myth’. It … Read more

Why is My Sack Always Tight?

It can be incredibly uncomfortable when your scrotum feels tight, especially after extended periods of sitting or walking around. If you’re wondering why your sack is always tight, you probably have too much tension in this area of your body, which can put you at risk for developing more serious issues like varicoceles and testicular … Read more