Perfect anchor Text Ratio Formula to create Backlinks

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Creating Quality And Relevant Backlinks Need Time And Some Technical Knowledge. If You Are Creating Manually Backlinks Or Hire Someone To Create Backlinks Then You Should Know About Anchor Text And It’s Diversity.

Perfect anchor Text Ratio Formula to create Backlinks

If Created Backlinks Are Not SEO Friendly Then It’s Chances That You Can Get Penalties From Search Engine’s.

Backlinks Are Very Important SEO Factor To Gain Authority And Traffic.

Google Count Backlink As A Vote To Rank.

The More Quality Backlinks You Have You Get More Ranking And Traffic.

What Is Anchor Text In Backlinks

Anchor Text is Clickable Text That Redirect To URL When We Click .
In HTML Format Anchor Text Look Like Below 👇👇
<a href=”Here Url Present”>Here Anchor Text Present</a>

Many Professional Will Tell That If We Follow Anchor Text Ratio Distribution Formula Able to Get Successfully Ranking In Top 10.

I Have Research deeply and Then Trying To Tellmostefficient keyword distributionthat must follow to get ranking on Search Engine’s.

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Why Anchor Text Matter For SEO

Let’s, Think That If You Have 100 Backlinks And 70 of Them used “SEO” As Anchor Text , You Would Get Penalties.

Why ,

Because Search Engines Bot Will Think That You Forced Search Engine To Get Ranking And Mark These Links As Spammy Links.

After , It These Backlinks Not Help You Anymore For SEO .

Anchor Text Tells User And Search Engine something About Linked Page , Help User And Search Engine To Understand What Linked URL Contains.

Soms Anchor Text Profile

  • Naked anchor text –
    style="border: 0px;margin: 0px;padding: 0px">Naked Anchor Text Not Contain Anchor Text. In This Anchor Text URL Address Provided In Both URL And Anchor Text Field. Naked Anchor Text HTML Example =
    <a href=””></a>
  • Branded anchor text – when You MakeBrand Name As Anchor Text it’s called Branded Anchor Text. BrandAnchor Text HTML Example =<a href=””>Techy Web Tech</a>
  • Generic anchor text –common anchor texts like “click here”, “read this article” Consider As Generic Anchor Text.GenericAnchor Text HTML Example =<a href=””>Click Here</a>
  • Keyword anchor text –Anchor with keyword Called Keyword Anchor Text.
    • Partial match anchor text –anchor text include your brand name, plus your keywords .
    • Long tail anchor text –Similar as partial match anchor text bhey Contains Lengthy Keywords(Such As LSI).
    • Exact match anchor text-This Type Anchor Text Contain Exact Keywords For URL.This Anchor Text Are Very Powerful. But , Try To Not Use Many Time Because It Hurt Your SEO .
  • Image anchor Text – inImage We Can’t Use Anchor Text We Can Only Use Alt Text In Images. That’s Why Search Engine’s take them as anchor texts. In case If We don’t fill “ALT” tag, it count as a no anchor text
  • No Anchor Text :(Link Without Anchor Text).

What Anchor Text Diversity Should ?

Branded Anchor Text – 50%

Naked Url Anchor Text- 20%

Phrase Match Anchor Text – 20%

LSI Keywords Anchor Text- 5%

Generic Keywords Anchor Text – 5%

Exact Match Keywords Anchor – 2%

Anchor Text Optimization Tips


  • Short And Descriptive Anchor Text.
  • Use As Natural In Post/Article As Regular Text.
  • Give Priority To Internal Linking.


  • Using Generating Text As “Article” , “Page”
  • Using In Unrelated Contain.
  • Using URL As Anchor Text Many Time.
  • Writing Long Anchor Text.
  • Creating Unnecessary Anchor Text.
  • Using Script Code to Over Optimize.

Bottom Line :
I Already Say You That You Don’t Have To Over Optimize Anchor Text For Backlinks.
If You Follow Anchor Text Diversity That I Shared In This Post And Make Backlinks Then I Am 100% Sure That You Will Get Rank In SERP 1st Page.
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