Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

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It seems like everywhere you turn, there is another social networking site going up. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – all the new ones seem to promise easy ways to connect with friends, family and other contacts. What are the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube as a social networking site? How would you use this nifty media tool to best advantage? Only by properly recognizing and reflecting on both its advantages and disadvantages can you make an effective judgment about whether or not it’s right for you.

The biggest advantages of utilizing YouTube in your internet marketing strategy lie in the massive amount of free web space it provides. YouTube videos require very little storage space and this means more potential free marketing space. YouTube also offers keyword targeting capabilities and this means increased search engine optimization. The best advantages of utilizing YouTube in your internet marketing efforts include a powerful SEO boost (Google prefers YouTube content), a large and highly excited audience and a viral nature. However, the biggest drawback of using YouTube as part of your online marketing efforts is that your video may go viral, and then your business could be in serious trouble.

One of the greatest disadvantages of YouTube lies in its popularity. The more people who watch, view or listen to your videos, the more chances you have of getting paid for each of those views. Now, with all these people watching your videos, your ads may appear in less than ideal spots. This is one of the main disadvantages of YouTube. Since the majority of your audience will likely be viewing your website URL directly, you run the risk of having your advertisements show up at the very places where your target audience is most likely to see them-the places where they’re likely to be looking for your product or service.

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In contrast, using social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter offer a much more targeted approach to internet marketing. These platforms make it easier to connect with the people you’re trying to reach, rather than having to go through your website URL or other links on your webpage. These websites are also more likely to provide appropriate ads that are relevant to the content. Having said that, YouTube still has its drawbacks because of its reliance on advertising.

YouTube is most popular amongst younger audiences, meaning that its revenue has traditionally come from advertisers who purchase ad space on the right side of the video. This gives it a slightly different revenue stream compared to some of the other social media sites. Now, with the advent of apps on mobile devices, you can use YouTube as an app. You can easily download your videos to your iPhone or Android device and access them from there. In addition to this, you can post any YouTube video on your Facebook or Twitter page.


YouTube has taken the initial big break by offering apps for smart phones, it’s still not as popular as Vimeo or Hulu, which offer video sharing capabilities directly from your browser. This means that users may want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube before downloading videos to their devices. Also, there’s a limit to the number of minutes per video that can be watched on YouTube.

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Other than the aforementioned limitations of YouTube, one of its advantages is the user management capabilities. YouTube has a huge community and the process of navigating between profiles and watching videos is made easy. This is because the viewing data from users is integrated into YouTube channels. This feature is known as the “channel” in Google, but technically the feature refers to the “web feed”. The channel allows you to see what other users are watching and allows you to manage these videos in the same way that you manage the channel itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of YouTube do differ depending on what type of user you are. If you are a long time viewer of YouTube, you may have gotten accustomed to the format of the videos and the overall flow of the site. If this is true, then you will likely find that YouTube is a very stable platform for advertising your product. On the other hand, if you are just starting out with YouTube, you may have a more fluid experience and view the content at your own pace. However, even if you view videos at your own pace, you should still consider using a Google AdSense account. A Google AdSense account offers advertisers more stable and reliable funding than a YouTube channel does, although the rates offered may be less per video and in some cases, the ads displayed on YouTube may be limited.

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