Adsterra Review – Really Worth Of Adsense Alternative ?

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Many People Search for Best Adsense Alternate because of some Adsense issues Like – not getting approval , ad limit , Account suspended And More.

Before You Continue I want to say you that it’s Adsterra publisher Review I don’t use Adsterra advertiser so , I think it’s not good practice to write review on sources that own not try and realise.

I Also Search Adsense Alternative On Various Source and Many people suggest Adsterra To Use As Adsense Alternative.

Adsterra review - Really Worth To Say Adsense Alternative ?

After Spending 4+ Month On Adsterra I Decided To Write Adsterra Review So , Many People will Know Detailed Information and Can Understand Is It Really Worth To Say Adsense Alternative.

It’s the best Ad platform for both publishers and advertisers to reach a wider audience and to make more profits.

Don’t Know About Adsterra Network Let’s Know Something About it.

What Is Adsterra ?

Adsterra is an Online advertising network similar to Google Adsense , And Other networks that quite valuable for both publishers and advertisers.

Adsterra Was founded in 2013 in Scotland . They serves tens of billions of impressions every month, with geo-targeted advertising. They have over8,000 publishers, and expanding each year.

Adsterra Advertising Options

Adsterra offers cost per action, cost per click, and cost per view advertising options, so it means you can decide which type of ads to use based on your traffic and your typical use patterns. If you have a highly engaged audience that frequently clicks links and ads, CPC or CPA ads can be much better. If your audience is larger but less engaged, you can still monetize them well with CPM ads.

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Adsterra variety of different ad formats According To Size

  • Leaderboard display banners [ 468Γ—60, 728Γ—90, and 320Γ—50]
  • Rectangle display ads [ 300Γ—250 And 800Γ—440]
  • Skyscraper vertical display banners [160Γ—300 And 160Γ—600]
  • Pop-under ads [open in new tabs or new windows]
  • Direct link ads [text like normal links]
  • Pre-roll video ads [display before embedded videos on a publisher site]
  • Push notification ads
  • Interstitial ads that pop over the screen.

Adsterra Available Ad Units

  • Popunder
  • 468 Γ— 60 px
  • 300 Γ— 250 px
  • 320 Γ— 50 px
  • Native Banner
  • Direct link
  • 160 Γ— 300 px
  • 160 Γ— 600 px
  • 728 Γ— 90 px
  • Vast
  • Social Bar

Pros Of Adsterra Network

Instant Approval Ad Network.
2. No Account Disable Problem.
3. Almost 100% Fill Rate.
4. Best Ad Network For Subdomain ( Like , Etc.)
5. Different ad Formats Available.
6. Many variety Of Payments.
7. No minimum Traffic Requirement Ad Network.
8. Available For Almost All Languages.
9. High CPM Ad Network For Blogger.
10. Best Google Adsense Alternative.
11. Refer Friends And Earn 5% of their revenue lifetime.

Cons Of Adsterra : Adsense Alternative

1. Minimum Payout Of 100$
2. If Adsterra Not Get Impression on Ad Units Than Automatically Ad Units Will Disable So , You Have To Manually Enable It.
3. Not good for low traffic websites / Blogs.
4. You Earning Depend On Countries Where Your Site Performing.

How To Earn Money πŸ’° From Adsterra

1. Register On Adsterra .
2. Get Code Place To Blog Or Site.
3. Start Making Money.

Adsterra Guidelines [Requirement] To Earn Money From Adsterra

Below areadsterra content requirements πŸ‘‡
1. Must Accessible Site [Under Construction, Error Not Allowed]
2. Must Some Content Available.

How To Create Adsterra Account

1. Go To Adsterra Official site. Enter Your Name & Email Address After It click to continue.
2. Again Enter Details Adsterra Asking
Login : type username
Password : Type Password
Messanger : select messanger Account
Messanger Account : Enter Selected messanger Account I’d
Preferred Paysystem : choose Payment System To get paid
Account Email : Enter Chooses Payment Systems Email id
Adsterra Review - Really Worth Of Adsense Alternative ?

Adsterra Review - Really Worth Of Adsense Alternative ?

After Filling All Details Click To Complete Registration.
3. Now, Open you mail you received by Adsterra and verify you email address by clicking confirm Email .
Adsterra and verify you email address
6. After It login to Adsterra.
7. Click to websites showing in Adsterra dashboard and Click to add new website.
Adsterra Review - Really Worth Of Adsense Alternative ?
9. Fill all you details according to your site and ads you want to show on site, after it click to ADD.
Add Site To Adsterra

10. You will see that site is pending. Refresh this page after 1-2 minute your site will be approved .

11. Now , it’s time to Add Some Ad Unit On Site For It click to Add Code.
12. Choose Ad Unit And click to ADD.
13. Again Adsterra will approve Generated ad unit code. To get Ad Unit Code Click To All Codes. You will see Ad Unit That You Generated.
Adsterra Review - Really Worth Of Adsense Alternative ?
14. To Get Particular Ad Unit Code Click To Get Code Showing in Ad Unit .
Get Adsterra ad unit code

15. Copy this ad unit code and place on any where on you site you want to show Ad.

Adsterra Earning Payment Proof

Below is Proof that will help you to think that Adsterra real or fake.
Adsterra Earning Payment Proof


1. What is Adsterra CPM Rates ?

Adsterra CPM depends on Your ad and county where you site performing.

2. Adsterra vs Adsense which is Best ?

Absolutely , Adsense .

3. Is Adsterra Scam ?

No , it’s genuine site that really give payments.

4. How to place Adsterra ads on Blog/Site?

Copy Your Created Ad Unit Code And Paste On Blog/Site’s Coding Section Where You Want To show Ad.

5.does adsterra accept subdomain ?

Yes , Adsterra Accept Subdomain Such As Blogspot And Wix. much time to take approval for adsterra ?

It depends , some time you will can get approval in 1-2 minutes and some time you have to wait some days.

Bottom Line :
I Hope this post will help you a lot and you doubt related to Adsterra ad network will be end.
But , if You have any questions or suggestions, problem feel free to ask me by doing a comment.
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Keep in Touch.
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